A More Affordable SUBWING and Some Accessories to Go With It.

New more affordable SUBWING

SUBWING, the totally cool water sport product that lets you glide at the water’s surface or beneath it while towed by a boat, has been a big hit since its 2012 introduction. The $895 black glossy carbon SUBWING was a bit pricey for most, but with the introduction of the $490 fiberglass editions and most recently, the new $295 Honeycomb editions, more can join in on the fun!

Affordable SUBWING

Don’t be intimidated, it’s easy to use and requires no practice. Check out this video of people trying the SUBWING for the first time:

subwing water toys
submerged, standing on SUBWING

SUBWING Collection
The Honeycomb SUBWING:

Introducing the all new member of the Subwing family, the Subwing Honeycomb. This is a more affordable version of the traditional Subwing. Its lightweight hollow design is equipped with honeycomb patterned core walls to achieve the best possible strength vs weight characteristics, making it both incredible stiff, light and strong. Thus the name Subwing Honeycomb. Available with either Hammerhead shark graphics in black on white or with Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers in blue on white.

The Fiberglass SUBWING:
subwings in fiberglass IIHIH

The Original Glossy and Matte Carbon SUBWINGS:

SUBWING Accessories
The award-winning revolutionary water sport product also has accessories especially designed for it: a GoPro camera mount, a bolt-on lighting system, a tarpaulin carrying bag, a subwing rope and a specially designed underwater mask.

The Ideal Mask, The Aqualung Shpera LX Arctic White Mask
The Aqualung Shpera LX Arctic White Mask
The Aqualung Shpera LX Arctic White Mask

The Aqualung Shpera LX Arctic White Mask:

The ideal mask to use with the SUBWING. The mask offers an ultra low profile, and minimum resistance through the water. The curved lenses provide an enormous field of view that makes you enjoy your SUBWING experience to the max.

– Lightweight diving mask with Plexisol® lens and a excellent 180 degree peripheral vision without distortion.
– High-quality crystal silicone skirt for excellent sealing.
– Easy-Adjust silicone mask strap, micro-adjustment for perfect fit.
– Soft Clip comfortable and easy-adjust quick Snap.
– Special Ultra Light Frame.
– Low Inner Volume.
– White/black gradient color

SUBWING with attached GoPro camera mount
The SUBWING GoPro mount

The SUBWING GoPro mount:
A camera mount for your GoPro camera that is easily attached to the SUBWING Dyneema ropes, and gives a perfect, smooth backward view of the person using the SUBWING.?The camera view is widely used in our SUBWING videos (see example below).? Compatible with all GoPro cameras.

Includes:?- GoPro mount (ABS plastic)?- Aluminum Rod?- Front stabilization fastener (ABS plastic)?Note: Does not include camera, or nuts and bolts.?Tip: To prevent blurry videos underwater, you will need a flat lens for your GoPro camera. GoPro do not provide flat lenses yet, but they are widely sold on the internet.

The Bigblue underwater light

Bigblue Underwater Light

The Bigblue FF4x5AFO gives a stunning 750 Lumens light output and comes with an Automatic Flash Off function. The light beam is 44 degree and the light pattern is very even without any hotspot. The Bigblue FF-4×5-AFO has a unique streamlined design that provides minimum drag when connected to the Subwing. The FF-4×5-AFO uses a standard 25 mm ball joint to connect with the subwing or other equipment. The ball joint makes it easy to adjust the light beam for a perfect angel. The light comes with both a handle and a ball joint.

Note : To be able to connect the light you must have the newest version of the SUBWING. To find out if you have the newest version, simply check if your SUBWING has metal plugs on the backside of the rope connections. A ball clamp and ball joint is needed to connect the light to the SUBWING.


25-meter Polythene water sport rope, that is needed with the SUBWING.
Stored in a bag with a simple closure.
Rope color: Black
Bagcolor: Black

The SUBWING Carrying Case/ Foldable Bag

The SUBWING Carrying Case/ Foldable Bag:
subwing bag folded handlesubwing bag3

A practical bag designed to protect your SUBWING and extend its life by protecting it from sun damage, as well as dents, bumps, and scrapes.

The bag is neatly designed to contain your SUBWING in both the assembled and dismantled state. One side is fitted with a tough padding to enhance protection when the bag is in its folded condition.??Features:?- Heavy duty tarpaulin and polyester fabric?- Holder strap for swivel part?- Extra heavy duty zip?- Two carrying options, folded and unfolded.?- Padded interior for protection?- Small enough for airline carry-on luggage?- Fits all SUBWINGs

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