Hidden House In The Mountains Harvests Solar Energy

House In The Mountains

It’s almost impossible to see from the road but this large private residence and guest house in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, with its living roof and sunken courtyard, smartly utilizes solar energy, reducing fossil fuel usage by over 60% as well as energy costs. Read more

Italy Wins The 2014 European Solar Decathlon With RhOME for DenCity.

Italy wins european solar decathalon Rhome DenCity
above: The winning design from the front, the RhOME for denCity

The Solar Decathlon was inaugurated in the U.S. in 2002 after an initiative taken by the US Dept. of Energy (DOE). Open to the public, the Solar Decathlon is a competition which unites the greatest universities from all over the world to compete by designing, building and operating a full-scale, entirely functional solar-powered house. Read more

The Self-Sustaining Isoleé House Barely Impacts Its Environment At All.

Isoleé House

The Isolée house is an eco-friendly and modern home described as a self-sufficient residence by Frank Tjepkema and Agustina Cociffi. The tiny structure is essentially a ‘smart house’ which incorporates a unique, solar tree-like device into the functional aspect, meaning very little to no fuel is required. The tree protrudes from the home’s roof contains circular photovoltaic panels which generate energy from the sun into the residence. Read more