This Year’s Simon’s Cat Christmas Special (And Those Before It)

The only animated cat I can endure to date, Simon Tofield’s fat white cat, brings us an animated Christmas Special annually, much to the delight of cat-lovers everywhere. Having shared with you all of The Simon’s Cat Christmas videos to date, it’s time for the latest 2017 Simon’s Cat Christmas Special and some other Simon’s cat fun. Read more

The Only Cat Cartoons I Can Endure: Simon’s Cat Christmas Collection

Simon's Cat Christmas cartoons

I can’t stand Garfield and I don’t laugh at Grumpy Cat. Even Morris The Cat bored me. But the online animated antics of Simon Tofield’s fat white cat always brings a smile to my face. I’m not the only one – Simon’s Cat is one of the most popular animated series on You Tube with over 4,150,000 subscribers and it’s the Christmastime episodes that are the best. Read more