Award Winning Custom Prefab Sonoma Mountain Residence

sonoma mountain residence prefab IIHIH

This award-winning Sonoma Residence is a collaboration between Alchemy’s original weeHouse® and client BJ Siegel, an architect who was Apple’s Real Estate and Development Senior Design Director for ten years, from 2009-2019. The weekend retreat consists of a two prefab homes, a swimming pool and an inviting outdoor dining and grilling area – all situated on a four-acre plot in the Sonoma Hills. Read more

Two Design Firms Collaborate To Bring Us The Bunkie Prefab Home.

Bunkie Prefab Home

The Vision:
The Bunkie is like a cool, modern playhouse for grown-ups. Read more

Marvelous Modern Mountain Home In Truckee, California is a Prefab Hybrid.

Sagemodern Prefab home in Truckee

This magnificent and inviting modern mountain home, Martis Camp #246, by Sagemodern is located in Truckee, California. Part of this home was actually prefabricated offsite in a Utah factory and the dining room/ great room were built onsite, making it what the architect, Paul Warner, calls a prefab hybrid. Read more

IKEA Portland and Ideabox Launch Their First Collaborative Prefab Home, Aktiv.

Oregon-based Ideabox has collaborated with IKEA to create a new prefab collection which debuted this month at the Portland Home & Garden Show. Read more

A Different Kind of California Roll. You Can Live In This One, A Cool Modern Prefab.

California Roll House

A pre-fabricated house designed for the desert by Christopher Daniel of Violent Volumes – The California Roll House, 2011. Read more

Taliesin Students Build Prefab Mod Sustainable Home In The Desert

Taliesin Mod Fab

T A L I E S I N . M O D . F A B TM
The Taliesin Mod Fab is an example of simple, elegant, and sustainable living in the desert. The one-bedroom, 600-square-foot prototype residence relies on panelized construction to allow for speed and economy on site or in a factory. Read more

Bigger Than A Breadbox And Much Cuter: weeHouses by Alchemy Architecture

weehouses by alchemy architecture

weeHouses are super cute, efficiently designed, boxy, little shippable pre-fab homes by Alchemy Architecture. They make great vacation homes, second homes, work or office space, starter homes, even multiple housing developments. Read more