100 Diagrams Represent 100 Great Lines From Movies In One Poster.

The most memorable movie quotes, as selected by the American Film Institute, have been turned into 100 simple black and white diagrams by designer Nathan Yau of Flowing Data. Read more

ARCHICINE: Famous Movie Architecture As Modernist Illustrations.

archicine architecture in movies

Artist and illustrator Federico Babina, best known for his Archipix, a series of well-known architects and their buildings rendered as pixellated 8 bit graphics, has now turned architectural icons of cinema into ARCHICINE, a series of modernist posters. Read more

One Sick Scent. Austin Young’s Accident Perfume By Brent Leonesio.

Art comes in many forms and scent is yet another wonderfully unique medium that can be used as expression, such is the case with ‘Accident’ Perfume.

above: the new limited edition scent, artist Austin Young and perfumer Brent Leonesio

The Institute for Art and Olfaction is an arts organization hosting educational workshops, a library and experimental projects that use the medium of scent. To help support the crowd-sourced participatory experience and musical: ‘TBD’, the IAO invited perfumer Brent Leonesio to collaborate with the provocateur Austin Young on a limited art edition.

The result? A very unique scent in artful bottles promoted with wild posters.


above: Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown from IAO and Austin Young

For the perfume itself, Brent Leonesio of Smellbent set out to find olfactory beauty in unexpected places. Leonesio describes Accident as ‘the lingering whiff of gasoline on your fingertips that you can’t stop sniffing; the familiar and the strange; the contrast elucidated when exotic floral extracts hold hands with other-worldly aroma chemicals. Accident is a collision of ideas, a harmonic discord.’

Base Notes: Gasoline vapor, Perfume spilled down a bucket seat, Safety glass, A smoking tire, A last minute dab of face powder, The smell of a mechanic.


Austin Young’s ‘Accident’ by Brent Leonesio comes in a black glass stopper bottle that was hand-transformed by Young in keeping with the style he developed through over 30 years of photographic and experiential arts practice. Each of the 40ml hand-assembled bottles are unique and come in a numbered box. They are intended as an art piece, and were created in an edition of 100.

With the help of graphic designer Micah Hahn of AutumnSeventy, the package design and marketing campaigns become tools with which to reexamine the concepts of beauty, glamour, luxury and mass appeal.

above: posters for Accident Featuring models Squeaky Blonde, The Infamous Boom Boom and Tammie Brown

40 mL bottle, Limited Edition of 100 bottles
$150.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable

2 mL sample, Limited Edition of 50 samples
$10.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable

Accident is available for sale at $150 a bottle online here and here

Concept: Austin Young, Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown for The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Perfume: Brent Leonesio
Model Photography: Austin Young
Bottle Photography: The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Bottle Manufacturing: Austin Young, Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown – based on the visual style of Austin Young
Art Marketing Strategy: Austin Young
Logo & Graphic Design: Micah Hahn at AutumnSeventy
Models: Squeaky Blonde, The Infamous Boom Boom, Tammie Brown
Special Thanks to: Micah Hahn, Lenora Claire, O. Berk Bottles, and the marvelous Addie.

This project was based on and inspired by the visual artwork of artist and provocateur Austin Young and the scent work of perfumer Brent Leonesio. It was a collaboration between Young, Leonesio and Wilson-Brown for The Institute for Art and Olfaction. A special thanks to all of them for information and images.

Hollywood Star Charts Make Cinema Celestial.

DOROTHY Hollywood Star Charts hero IIHIH

Dorothy has done it again. Their new Hollywood Star Charts – available in four different editions – celebrate some of the most culturally significant films and actors to have graced the silver screen since 1927. Read more

A Font For Feline Fans – Helveticat by Bethany Lesko.

Helveticat by Bethany Lesko

Cats and type, together at last. A sweet 12″x16″ print of this kitty cat alphabet, letter-pressed by hand in Brooklyn, NY by designer Bethany Lesko. Read more

Truth and Lies: A Poster Series by Justin Barber

truth and lies posters

Little white lies turned into sixteen different minimalist graphic art posters by Justin Barber. Read more

Classic Chairs As Alphabet. Tim Fishlock’s Limited Edition Typeseat Screen Print and Chair Alphabet Prints From Blue Ant Studio.

Blue Ant Studio Chair Prints

I love chairs. And typography, So both Tim Fishlock‘s and Blue Ant Studio’s beautiful prints in which they use Classic Chairs As Typography are right up my alley/in my wheelhouse/my cup of tea… you get the picture. Read more

Exhibition Posters and TV Spot For Star Wars Identities Exhibit by Bleublancrouge.

star wars identities exhibit

For thirty-five years, audiences around the world have followed the adventures of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi heroes of a galaxy far, far away. And now, a new exciting exhibition comes to our own galaxy with Star Wars Identities, a redefined modern exhibition experience in which we will rediscover the unforgettable characters of Star Wars in a whole new way. Read more