Alfabetika. Whimsical Posters That Brighten Up Children’s Rooms And Their Minds.

Alfabetika by Anne-Lise Borgen

Alfabetika are a line of reading and counting basics made charming and stylish. Numbers and alphabet letters come to life in the form of whimsical drawings by the beautiful and talented designer (and a personal friend of mine) Anne-Lise Borgen.

Alfabetika by Anne-Lise Borgen

Alfabetika by Anne-Lise Borgen

Alfabetika poster

The Norway born designer, who is now based in Paris, first came upon the idea to create Alfabetika when she couldn’t find a suitable gift for her niece. She wanted something both cool and educational and when nothing struck her fancy, she set out to design her own.

The highly original characters were inspired by her dog Jakko’s personality, cute looks and funny mannerisms combined with her love of mid-century modern design.

Staying true to her Scandinavian heritage, the alphabet posters come in both English and Norwegian Versions.

In addition to inspiring someone you love, each sale from Alfabetika’s webshop donates 5% to UNICEF, making this a gift that benefits the recipient as well as a less fortunate child.


Anne-Lise Borgen

Keep an eye on Alfabetika, Anne-Lise will soon be launching custom name posters!

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