Pixelated Eyewear From Dzmitry Samal Design

The Pixelated Eyewear From Samal Design is a collection of cool-looking eyewear with original frames from Dzmitry Samal of Samal Design. Inspired by the 80s and referencing old 8-bit video games such as Tetris, Samal wanted to exploit the roots of digital graphics and remind us how technology has inspired all that is in use today. Read more

Fabric Covered Padded Pixel Portraits Made With The Help Of Prison Inmates.

As part of textile brand Kvadrat‘s Hallingdal 65, a project in which 32 talented designers were asked to to create entirely new works using the textile originally designed by Nanna Ditzel, Dutch designer Hjortefar designed two giant portraits (BUM and NANNA) made up of fabric covered padded pixels in 29 colors. In total each piece contains 7200 pixels and measures 3 x 6 meters. Read more

Jean Yves Lemoigne: Pixelated People & Pictograms In Photography

French photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne has an impressive and large portfolio of work. Having shot commercially for several impressive clients and agencies, he is clearly very talented. But two of his series in particular stand out, I Am A Pictogram and his editorial, PIXXXEL for the french magazine Amusement, a videogame and lifestyle magazine, because of their interesting interpretation of the main figure within them.

The computer has altered the way we look at things and in these two separate series of photos, the main subject is represented first as a pixelated figure and then as a pictogram– placing virtual and cyber iconography into realistic environments.

Take a look.


His Pixxxel editorial (the above shots) is a statement on the popularity of porn on the internet. According to the the photographer; 28, 2598 people click on a pornographic site on the internet every second. 35% of downloads, over a billion and a half images and videos, are pornographic and in 2006, 12% of all websites (about 4.2 million URLs) were of pornographic content. That’s a lot of pornographic pixels!

Above: Amusement Magazine’s 3rd issue, in which the Pixxxel editorial ran

I Am A Pictogram:

His traditional work is absolutely stunning as well. Below is one of my favorite images from his personal Urban Legends series:

His photo work is represented by Carole Lambert and his film work by Wanda