The Emerging Photographic Talent of 21 Year Old Kyle J. Thompson.

kyle thompson photos

Last year I introduced you to the astonishing photographic talent of then 18 year old Alex Stoddard. Well, he’s got some competition in 21 year old Kyle Thompson. Read more

He’s 18. And Boy Can He Shoot. Surreal Portraits By Photographer Alex Stoddard.

photographer alex stoddard

Alex Stoddard (and remember the name because I’m sure you’ll be hearing it a lot more in the future) was born in 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida. He began taking self-portraits only two years ago at the age of sixteen in the woods behind his Georgian home. Read more

LaChapelle’s Earth Laughs In Flowers. The Photographer’s Take on Baroque Still Lives.

David LaChappelle The Earth Laughs In Flowers
above: Lovers (detail) by David LaChapelle

In this new series of ten works photographer David LaChapelle, best known for his wild and elaborate fashion photography, he explores the vanity of life and beauty. With titles such as “Springtime”, “Late Summer”, “Early Fall” and “Deathless Winter” the works refer to the four seasons and allude to the life cycle: from birth to death. A contemporary take on the still life paintings of Flemish and Italian masters, these ornate florals contain references to present day culture and humanity, such as cigarette butts, Barbies, junk food, toys and telephones. Read more

Carnivorous Creativity. Meat America by Dominic Episcopo.

above: The Elvis shaped tenderloin is one of the many meat art images in Dominic Episcopo’s upcoming new book

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, celebrating the 45th annual Championship Game of the NFL. What better time to do a post about Meat America, the very carnivorous creativity by photographer Dominic Episcopo? Known for his United Steaks of America series, Dominic has created more carnivorous art for his upcoming book, Meat America. Here are some Grade A Prime images you can really sink your teeth into – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Ben Franklin:

Abe Lincoln and Betsy Ross:

Eggs and bacon:

Nike Chop:

Michael Jackson Calf Liver:

Louisiana, Texas and California:

Kentucky Strip:

Nevada Lamb and Louisiana Gator:

Don’t Tread On Meat:

Sacred Heart:


Philadelphia Breakfast:


MEAT AMERICA is not just a photo story, art print bonanza and upcoming book by renowned photographer Dominic Episcopo. According to Dominic, it’s a state of mind, an eye-opening and artery-closing tour of America’s spirit of entrepeneurship, rebellion and positivity. It celebrates our appetite for insurmountable odds, limitless aspiration, and immeasurable success. A way for us to combine a few of our favorite things. Meat. Quotes. Facts. Photography. And the indefinable adjective that is “American.”

above: Photographer Dominic Episcopo

The official site of MEAT AMERICA.

The Unusual & Beautiful Photography of Shoji Uchida

Shoji Uchida photography

Photographer and cinematographer, Shoji Uchida, has an eye for the unusual. Born in 1969, he became an award-winning photographer in 1993 and creates commercial, editorial and advertising photography that is both striking and stunningly composed. He has shot for many well-known brands including Nike, Apple, Toyota, Uniqlo, Nintendo, American Express and Sony. Read more

Kerstin zu Pan’s Extra Virgin photography series

A few months ago, I introduced you to the talented photographer Kerstin zu Pan and her “Supervision” project. Read more

Sweet New Book! Lolli-POP by Massimo Gammacurta

Lolli-pop Massimo Gammacurta

Over a year ago I introduced my readers to a very talented photographer named Massimo Gammacurta. Read more

The Photography Of Eva Mueller

Bavarian-born photographer Eva Mueller is best known for her projection photography – projected light, shape and texture on nudes. But frankly, I find those are the least inventive and beautiful of her work.

With an enormous portfolio that includes everything from CD and album covers to lipstick ads, her large body of work is quite diverse, despite certain stylistic commonalities. She often acts as the art director for her own shoots, utilizing her knowledge of graphic design for both the concepts and compositions. Minimal and graphic, bold and clean, Mueller says her vision is that of “less is more.”

Once you pour over the following images, you’ll find that whether it’s gritty and black and white or slick and bright, indoors or outdoors, stylized or natural, her work has an undeniable beauty.

Some of her photos of men:

Some of her photos of women:

Some of her beauty and make-up photography:

Some of her projection photography:

Some of her music photography:

Some of her personal work:

The photographer:

She’s shot for American and British record labels, editorials for the New York, Vellum and Zink magazine, ad campaigns for Steve Madden, Panasonic, Master Card and Guinness. her personal work, which consist largely of nudes, has been displayed in galleries and museums in London, Germany and the US.

To see her complete portfolio, visit
all images and info courtesy of the photographer.