Gina Minichino’s Oil Paintings of Iconic Candy and Comfort Food.

A few years back we introduced you to the work of Margaret Morrison, an artist who paints childhood toys and nostalgic candies photo-realistically in oils. Now meet Gina Minichino, another talented artist who works in oils to depict classic American comfort foods and iconic candy and treats. Read more

Rainy Days in Paris Depicted with Colored Pencils and Solvent

elizabeth patterson paris drawings

Artist Elizabeth Patterson is known for her hyper realistic drawings of urban scenes seen through rain-streaked glass. For the past few years (2014-2016) she has been using Paris as the venue for her works and they are as compelling as ever. Read more

Hyperrealist Painter Mike Dargas Is Dripping With Talent

Mike Dargas 6 IIHIH

We recently saw photos of nudes dripping in honey. Now, stunningly realistic oil paintings by Germany’s Mike Dargas depict a similar subject. Read more