Pantone Gets Fleshed Out. Literally. Human Skin Matched To Pantone Colors.

Human Skin as Pantone Colors

Flying around the blogosphere, faster than news of The God Particle, is this eye-catching and colorful project. In an attempt to create a catalog of human skin tones, Brazilian artist and photographer Angelica Dass started an ongoing project called Humanae in which she matches a subject’s flesh color to that of the Pantone Matching System. Read more

A Pantone Guide Fit For A Queen: The Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide

Pantone Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide

Pantone and Leo Burnett London chart six decades of style for Queen Elizabeth II with the launch of a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide. Read more

A Temporary Tattoo Inspired by Pantone Chips!

Temporary Tattoo Inspired by Pantone

In contrast to my earlier post today about permanent inking here’s a much more light-hearted temporary option. As part of the Designy Temporary Tattoos from Tattly, graphic designer Josh Smith created an ode to Pantone color chips by creating a temp tatt inspired by their color chips. Read more

Pantone Inspired Christmas Posters & Cards. Christmas By Colour.

christmas by colour raw design studio

Last year Raw Design Studio of Greater Manchester created a very fun project that utilized consumer opinion, content and creativity to bring Christmas By Colour to life. Read more

It’s A Pantone Party! More Pantone Inspired Products

More Pantone Inspired Products

A ways back I showed you some of the fun products that are either made by Pantone or inspired by the Pantone Matching System (PMS colors, the universal numerical system for matching color inks). Read more