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It’s A Pantone Party! More Pantone Inspired Products

More Pantone Inspired Products

A ways back I showed you some of the fun products that are either made by Pantone or inspired by the Pantone Matching System (PMS colors, the universal numerical system for matching color inks).

More Pantone Inspired Products

After scouring the net, there are a few more new products from Pantone Universe as well as some unusual piece of art, shoes and more inspired by Pantone. Check these out.

Brand new!! Pantone eyewear!

With several new collections that include optical metal, optical semi-rimless, sun metal, sun acetate, and sun sport all are customizable with ArmOne (removable pantone color temple arms).

Arm One lets you pick your own color arms for the glasses!

See all the eyewear collections here.

Pantone paints for home office and more.

Need to find the perfect shade of paint for your design project or home? Simply scroll through Pantone’s virtual palette and immerse yourself in over 3,000 designer paint colors to select the one you desire. Whether searching by PANTONE® number or by color family, you can fins a sahde to match anything and everything you want.

Pantone Matched Carpeting: Now that your paint is perfect, then how about carpet?
The Mohawk Group has partnered with Pantone to provide quality carpet in pantone shades.

Dowload a pdf about Mohawk Carpets here.

Pantone Stationery products:

Pantone notebooks, card cases and more. Available here.

The Pantone Flight Stool:
The amazing British design team, Barber Osgerby, pays tribute to Pantone by producing a multi-dimensional chip!

These birch stools from Isokon Plus are available in a range of colors from the warmer end of the spectrum–Yellow, Pink, Red and Orange.

pantone flight stoolpantone stool

above: The Stools at a London exhibit

Lawrence Herbert, founder and innovator of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® will sign 20 of this limited edition… 50 total!

Get them while they’re still available!

above: From Sakai designs comes the Yoko single sofa. Initially designed for Tokyo nightclubs and cafes, it is now available in six limited edition pantone colors.
Buy it here.

Pantone Sheepskin Rugs!

The patagonian sheep skin rugs dyed in 3 Pantone shades come in cool blues (pantone Rug I) and warm reds and yellows (pantone Rug II). Made in Argentina by the Gerscovich Brothers, produced by Sundayland and are available for purchase here.

Colorcalm™ “Skies,” the first in a series of unique, color DVD’s produced by Atmos in association with Pantone, Inc. enhances your surroundings and improves your well-being.

It is a continuous display of clouds with 28 color backgrounds and audio variations. It is designed to soothe your senses.

jetBlue Airways will have a Colorcalm channel on their fleets with DVD capaibilities. From the first of the year through the end of March, you can control your environment, even in the air! See and Buy Colorcalm here.

Pantone Flash drives:
Express your personality and store your creations in style. These durable, aluminum design thumb drives allow you to store your digital photos, music files, business documents, and more on an ultra-small Hi-speed USB flash drive.

pantone flash drives

Available in 14 PANTONE Colors, these compact and portable external drives are Mac and PC compatible and feature a lifetime warranty and downloadable security software.
For corporate orders requiring company logo engraving, please call us at 888-PANTONE (726-8663) Get them here.

Pantone Toys:
The japanese toy company, Medicom, produced a series of Pantone Kubricks in various colors and styles…if you can find them:

See what’s available here at Yellow Spiral.
Or Rotofugi.
Or the Medicom store.

Pantone Russian Nesting Dolls:
Still looking for a manufacturer are designer Yar Rassadin’s totally cool Pantone Matryoshka (the russian nesting dolls):

Pantone tea mugs, coffee mugs, espresso cups and dinnerware:

Choose from ten different mug colors here.

Buy the dinnerware and mugs here.

Buy the 4 pantone espresso cups or 4 tea mugs here.

Suck UK’s My Cuppa has been a popular product in the UK and is catching on here in the US. Available in tea or coffee styles, the clever cup has pantone chips representing different degrees of brews:

Buy them here.

UNIQLO’s Pantone Cashmere Sweaters and T-shirts:

The PANTONE Cashmere Collection, is offered in 20 official PANTONE Colors and comes in three styles, including a crewneck, Henley-neck and v-neck.

Last fall, in conjunction with the UNIQLO London store opening in November, UNIQLO has teamed up with Pantone, world-renowned authority on color, for the second time, for a special collection of PANTONE-inspired cashmere. The PANTONE Color Collection of 100% cashmere sweaters offers two styles for men including a crewneck and a cardigan, and for women there is a deep v-neck.

All styles are offered in a palette of 20 official PANTONE Colors. The PANTONE Cashmere Collection sweaters will retail at the affordable price of $129.50 and will be sold exclusively at the UNIQLO New York Flagship, the UT store, and UNIQLO Japan. UNIQLO’s first collaboration with Pantone was the launch of a line of PANTONE T-shirts earlier this year.

Even better, get 20% off your sweater here!

above: The Pantone T-shirts and their fun packaging

Knit Caps:
Pantone Universe and CA4LA in Japan present some of the hottest caps in the most trend worthy colors. Available at CA4LA stores in Japan

soon available

Nike’s Pantone Dunks:
Need some kicks to match your sweater and Tees? Nike quietly release a series of Dunks inspired by Pantone color chips. The colors released include this Paradise Aqua, Flamingo Pink, a University Blue, a Pine Green and a Red version. These are amazing with the color-blocking, cool pantone chips insole and the gum outsole:

pantone sneakerspantone nike

Buy them here.

The Gopher is an innovative golf accessory designed to provide a single convenient location for your golf ball, divot repair tool, ball marker and two tees. The compact body is made of durable plastic and can be molded in any pantone color!

Order it here.

Softbank’s Pantone Phones in japan:

Company most commonly known as Vodafone (but Softbank in Japan) has released a line of Technicolor mobile phones. Offered: are the SoftBank 812SH Sharp: in different shades, based on the Pantone color chart.

see them here.

Mango and Pantone, the PANTONE bag:

This fabulous bag comes in 12 tones for 7 days a week: sand, yellow, chewing gum, chocolate, emerald, pink, green, magenta, peach, azure, steel, jeans.
Buy your Mango pantone bag here!

Pantone Art

Daniel Eatock’s Pantone Pen prints:

Daniel Eatock sets his latest pen print experiment in the second ALSO* commission of The Aram Gallery.

Curator Daniel Charny describes the work:

Eatock’s predictive construct removes the artist’s hand from the pen, reverses the role of the paper, and allows its characteristics and positioning to become the most influential aspect of the work. Balanced on their nibs each of a set of 288 felt tip pens releases ink that expands into the layers of a ream of paper, making each layer of this multi-print different. This predicted variety is translated into a gambling tension for the consumer that chooses to purchase an unknown result on an unseen layer.

Dimensions: SRA1 640 x 900mm Edition Size: 73 original prints

The artist’s site.

Appleblueseagreen’s Pantone Chips on Canvas:

from AppleBlueSeaGreen.

Associate Art Director Jamie Prokell for Blueprint, the shelter magazine that tried to bring the Martha Stewart lifestyle to a younger market( and ceased regular publication with its January/February 2008 issue) created this fabulous pantone wrapping paper for a baby shower:

I wish it were available for purchase!

A Pantone Manet masterpiece:
Tim Fraser Brown created a reproduction of Édouard Manet’s ‘Bar at the Folies Bergere’ made entirely of old Pantone chips.
Over 5,000 unused chips were painstakingly colour matched and and stuck down over four long nights, and acted as centre piece for a boozey party in their design studio.

The best kept secret?
The previous collection of pantone bags, backpacks, passport holders, travel kits and more (see below) are all on clearance now!

In addition to all this fun stuff, Pantone has many books, tools and even a social network.
Check them out at the following links:
Pantone Colorstrology
Pantone Universe