‘La Piedra’ House of 700 Tons of Hand-cut and Placed Quartz Stone With Incredible Pool Is For Sale

la piedra home

“La Piedra” is the name given to this 7,500 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, stone hilltop home with breathtaking swimming pool that is presently on the market for just under $8 million. Read more

Like David Hockney? Then Meet Michael Pfleghaar.

michael pflehgaars architectural art

Now it’s true, the Ohio-born, Michigan based Michael Pfleghaar‘s work is similar to that of David Hockney’s in both style and color as well as subject matter. But, given that the majority of art-lovers out there cannot come close to affording an original Hockney, Pfleghaar’s original works are an unexpectedly great alternative. Read more