Rockwell’s Four Freedoms Reimagined Realistically For Today

Every year around the Holidays, Norman Rockwell’s works find their way into articles, posts (guilty) and memes, filling us with nostalgia for the “good ol’ days” of white picket fences, cuffed jeans and an unrealistic, predominantly white view of today’s family life (albeit the “Freedom of Worship” tableau, does include specific representations of Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism). To more realistically reflect today’s more diverse and atypical Americans a group of artists have decided to reinterpret the four freedoms paintings into 16 contemporary photographic executions. Read more

The 37 Best Parodies of Rockwell’s Freedom From Want (aka Thanksgiving Dinner).

Parodies of Norman Rockwell's Freedom From Want

I know, I know, every blogger, Pinterest pinner and Reddit member has posted their own selection of spoofs of Norman Rockwell’s 1942 famous oil painting titled Freedom From Want, commonly referred to as Thanksgiving Dinner. Here are the ones you’ve likely seen (The Simpsons and Superheroes) as well as some of the more interesting and unusual ones you may not have. Read more