What You Should Have Read, Listened To, Watched and Eaten Last Year.

It was a busy year, as it always is. Which means you didn’t get around to those reading those books, listening to those albums, watching those TV shows and eating at all those restaurants that were going to make you a far better rounded individual in 2017. Don’t fret, you can still start off the New Year by resolving to get to them and we’ve made it easier by posting lists and links from the top publications in each genre. Get ready for the Best Books, Music, TV and Food of 2017. Read more

Natalie Sharp Paints Her Face as Eight Different Album Covers.

Several blogs have featured recent images of Face painter Natalie Sharp’s own visage made up as various music album covers, but none have shown the actual record cover art that inspired the makeup. That said, I’m going to do that for you as well as share close-ups of her impressive face paint. Read more

The Entertainment Robot That May Just Transform Your World: The Keecker.


Created by former Google employee, Pierre Lebeau, it looks like a Roomba on steroids and acts like a mobile projection theater, security camera, concert hall, internet and wireless game console all in one. It’s like having your own little Robot that provides you with Google services, streaming entertainment, gaming apps, web-cam and more – it’s a Keecker. Read more