Sleeping In The Round. The Eclipse Bed With Leather, Lights & TV.

Eclipse bed set

The unique Eclipse Bed is the latest work by “technology pioneer” İşbir Yatak for İşbir Bedding, a manufacturer who specializes in high-end mattresses and technologically advanced sleep systems.

Eclipse Bed Set

This set, which is part of Isber Bedding’s Style Series, not only combines design and technology but also brings the enjoyment of watching television and listening to music to the bedroom. The Eclipse Set, referring to the natural phenomenon, is reminiscent of a lunar eclipse when the design is viewed from different angles.

Eclipse bed in red

The Eclipse Bed Set, which reinforces the night and day theme with the lunar eclipse concept, arranges the sleeping layout in your room in a more encircling capsule logic. With a specially integrated lighting and music system installed inside the Set, it also has the infrastructure available for installing a TV.

The Eclipse Set will draw the interest of those who enjoy being different and transferring technology and comfort into every facet of life. Starting with the twin bed size 120 cm x 200 cm, the set is also produced in 150 cm x 200 cm, 160 cm x 200 cm, 180 cm x 200 cm and 200 cm x 200 cm double bed sizes in a single base design. They are compatible with all of the mattress sizes that have been listed on the Işbir Bedding site.

Eclipse bed technical diagram

Upholstery: The set can be furnished with all of the Style Series upholstery, except for Antelope and Estella, with a recommended priority for leather upholstery.

Isbir bedding

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