Outrageous. Enormous. And Comes Art-Filled + $30MM of Collectible Cars. [70+ Photos]

billionaire home by bruce makowsky

Although the largest and most expensive home in the U.S. ($500,000,000) has yet to be constructed, the most expensive existing home in America has been and it’s for sale with an asking price of $250,000,000. The 38,000 square foot (3,530 sq m) home is outrageous and INCLUDES over $30 million worth of collectible automobiles, tons of contemporary art, a defunct Air Wolf Bell 22A helicopter used in the tv series Airwolf and a 7-person full time staff. Read more

America’s Most Expensive Home For Sale: Palazzo Di Amore (40 photos)

Most Expensive Home For Sale

Still on the market after approximately 300 days, Palazzo Di Amore in Beverly Hills is now the most expensive home for sale in the United States with an asking price of $195,000,000. Read more