Illusions of Depth: The Eco Wallpaper Collection by Front.

Eco Wallpapers has launched a new collection of of nine wallpapers with sketched patterns and shadows against a white surface to create an illusion of depth and structure. Read more

A Chunk of Chocolate with Chisels for The Cocoa Connoisseur.

Carved Chocolate Set by Studio Appetit and Oialla

The Carved Chocolate Set by Studio Appetit and Oialla designed for this year’s annual Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition is an elegant and sophisticated gift for the true chocolate afficionado. Read more

Star Wars Wallpaper! Imperial Forces Wall Covering by Brian Flynn of Super 7

Toy, art, design and culture company Super7 has announced the inaugural release of their collaboration with Lucasfilm for the new Imperial Forces Wallpaper. Read more

Fabulous Fun For Fornasetti Fanatics: New Rugs, Wallpaper & More

fornasetti for the home

Chances are you are at least familiar with Fornasetti’s Julia plates (above). The numerous black and white (sometimes with gold) illustrated porcelain dishes that sport imagery of “Julia” (who is actually modeled after a woman named Lina Cavalieri), suns and moons and other Fornasetti themes. Read more