Faith Off. Easter Vs. Passover by Jon Stewart.

Faith Off IIHIH

As a parent of mixed faith children Jon Stewart thinks Passover celebrants have to take it up a notch to compete with the chocolate eggs and fake grass of Easter. Clearly, he is correct. And hilarious. Read more

Let My People Drink. Moses Kosher Vodka.

moses vodka hero ALT IIHIH

Since most Jews are in the midst of celebrating Passover this week, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to Moses Vodkas. Pure in spirit and true to the laws of the Jewish faith, Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium vodka certified kosher all year round. Read more

The New American Haggadah with Design and Art by Israeli Typographer Oded Ezer.

above: a sample interior spread from the New American Haggadah featuring Hebrew typography by Oded Ezer

The Jewish holiday, Passover, is soon upon us. Starting Friday night, April 6th, Jewish families and friends all over the world will gather around the Seder table, each with their Haggadah. Read more

A Modern Haggadah Will Hip Up Your Passover Seder. Here’s 21 Of Them.

So WTF is Passover? For you non MOTs, you can learn here. Read more