Gorjue Lipsticks: Food Inspired Makeup and Miniatures in One.

gorjue lipsticks

Hungry for a good beauty product? The brainchild of a NY-based Mother Daughter duo, Gorjue lipsticks will satisfy your appetite for makeup, food and all things creative in one adorable and affordable package. The seriously good looking palette of lip colors, inspired by various foods, have tube designs that brilliantly includes Japanese food miniatures. Read more

Micro Matter by Rosa de Jong

micro matter by rosa de jong

Micro Matter is Amsterdam-based Rosa de Jong’s ongoing series of tiny precious worlds encased in glass. Miniature handmade skyscrapers, barns, cottages, water towers – even camping tents – sit upon grassy unearthed terrains as if they were floating islands. Read more

Compact Worlds. Literally. By Artist Kendal Murray.

Kendal Murray's Compact Worlds

Australian artist Kendal Murray works in miniature to create playful little narratives imbued with social, symbolic and personal meaning. Setting the stage for these tiny mixed media scenarios are grass-covered coin purses, glass teapots and the ones that intrigue me the most – metal mirrored compacts. Read more

Bookends of the Earth. Hand Crafted Sculptural Micrososms of The Planet.

Bookends of the earth hero IIHIH

The Bookends of the Earth are a series of functional art objects depicting our natural world in miniature by artist Garth Borovicka. Each set of bookends is made by hand and unique with signature and number to the bottom. Read more

Jessica Harrison’s Flesh Series of Miniatures Will Make Your Skin Crawl.

jessica harrison flesh miniatures

UK Artist Jessica Harrison works in various media, from porcelain to stone to what looks like frighteningly real flesh. Her series of miniature pieces of furniture made to look as though they were created from human skin are equally compelling and repulsive. Some even have hair. Eeeuuuwww. Read more

A Prescription For Art. ‘Meds’ by Psychotherapist and Sculptor Jon Harvey.

Jon Harvey Medsabove: Big Pharma Meds, 2010 by Jon Harvey

Making a commentary on politics, government, crime, society, the internet, business and cultural stereotypes, artist Jon Harvey has encapsulated — literally — icons and elements in oversized clear pill capsules for multiple series of sculptures. Read more

Four Artists Have The Same Big Idea With Mini Figurines

four artists who work in miniature

In advertising, when attempting to come up with a fresh idea or execution, it is often said “it’s been done”. The same can hold true of many art related disciplines and clearly the juxtaposition of miniature figurines with ordinary objects has proved to be but one of the concepts often executed. Meet four artists who work in miniature. Read more

Alphabet Aviaries: Shadowboxes by David Montgomery

Shadowboxes by David Montgomery

David Montgomery, an artist who studied landscape painting and sculpture in college, has had a varied artisan career. He’s created scenery, design models and props for theatre and opera, was a cabinet maker and carpenter, built historic re-creations for museum installation, created special effects, animations, and miniatures for television and cinema and crafted elaborate scale models for a high-tech firm. Read more