Star Trek Boldly Goes To The Dogs. Beds, Collars, Bowls and Chew Toys.

Star Trek Dog Stuff

Got a terrier who’s a Trekkie? Or a Corgi with a crush on Captain Kirk? Maybe your canine is just a geek or shares your penchant for the world of Star Trek. Either way, Crowded Coop has just launched a line of products for your dog, TOS  – that’s “The Original Series” for those of you who are not Trexperts.

Star Trek Dog Stuff

Star Trek Dog Stuff

These collars, leashes, pet beds, feeding bowls, sweaters, chew toys and even a dog poop bag dispenser shaped like a communicator will have your dog’s tail wagging at warp speed in no time.

Captains Chair Dog Bed:
star trek dog bed
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Star Trek Original Series Transporter Re-Energize Dog Bed:

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The Original Series Gold, Blue and Red Uniform Dog Bowls:

The Original Series Uniform Dog Collars and Leashes in Gold, Blue and Red:

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Boldy Go Collar and Leash and Star Trek Beam Me Up Comic Collar and Leash*:

*note these are drawings shown above, no photos of the product yet

TOS Uniform Dog Shirts in Gold, Blue and Red, Spock Dog Hoodie and Uhura Uniform Dog Shirt:

TOS Communicator Poop Bag Dispenser:

Star Trek Plush Chew Toys (Enterprise, Red Shirt, Klingon, and Planetary Disaster):

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