Female Green Army Men, Finally! Only Took Over 90 Years.

Plastic-Army-Women IIHIH

Green Army Men, those drab olive colored little toy soldiers, have been around in the U.S. since 1930. Found in most toy chests along with Hot Wheels and Etch-a-sketch, the miniature molded plastic green men have since inspired numerous pop culture and household products. So iconic, they were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2014. There have been numerous iterations of the small green figurines such as the provocative Casualties of WarToy Boarders and Yoga Joes. And yes, there are pink versions of the little plastic army men…. but they have still always been MEN. Until now. BMC Toys finally introduces Plastic Army Women! Read more

Armed With Household Objects, Meet The Domestic Soldiers.

domestic soldiers are armed with household chores

San Francisco based artist and designer Noa Batle has turned the typical toy soldier into a merchant of the mundane. His “Domestic Soldiers” are an artistic spin on the classic cultural icon, armed with household objects instead of weapons. Read more

Toy Boarders – A Peaceful Twist On Toy Soldiers For A New Generation.

AJ's original Toy Boarders

Move over green Army Men, now we’ve got green thrashers to play with. AJ’s original Toy Boarders are skate, surf and snowboard inspired plastic action figures that – like little classic toy soldiers, are plastic, green and ignite the imagination – but unlike toy soldiers, do not promote violence. Read more