A Fly On The Wall That Can Save Your Life. Lento, The Award-Winning Smoke Detector From Jalo.

lento fly-shaped smoke detector

Lento is an unexpectedly whimsical but safe and effective photoelectric smoke alarm designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki. Read more

Extinguishers You Can Get Fired Up About. SAFE-T Designer Fire Extinguishers In Leather, Flags, Colors and More.

Since you should have a fire extinguisher in your home (and if you don’t – shame on you!), why not make it an interesting one? I’ve already introduced you to both the Fire Design Collection and Pinqy and now, Tusch und Egon offers Safe-T brand fire extinguishing devices in a variety of stylish colors and designs. Leather wrapped with debossed Safe-T shield, shiny or matte colors, Flags, even ones with vintage looking wine labels.

Black Leather:

Green Leather:

Red Leather:

Matte Black:

Shiny Gold:

Shiny Copper:




Wine Bottle, Black or Red:

American Flag:

British Flag:

Swiss Flag:

Measuring 9 cm in diameter and 29 cm in height, they weigh 2 kg and are technically manufactured according to BS EN, 3-8 requirements. Optional metal wall brackets are available. Get a few… one for the home, the office, even the car.

Price: $126 USD or £76.00 GBP – and yes, they ship worldwide. Buy them here

Tusch und Egon Ltd.
2 Chadwell Street
London EC1R 1UX
Great Britain

City On Fire. The Nerone Wall-Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace.

The new Nerone wall-mounted fireplace designed by James Di Marco for Caleido is a bioethanol* fireplace set within a graphic skyline made of epoxy resin coated carbon steel. looking like a city ablaze, it combines warmth with art and is definitely a conversation piece, on or off.

Versions available: black
Material: Epoxy resin coated carbon steel
Code: EFnerone 00
Weight: 29kg
Burner: rectangular, 1.6 litres [NOT AVAILABLE SEPARATELY]
Hourly consumption: 0.25 l/h
Combustion time: aprox . 4 hours
Minimum room size with one bio-fireplace: 25 m2
Installation: min. 1.20 metres fro m gro und
Price: 980 Euro + VAT

* Caleido Fire Design bio-fireplaces are designed to run on bioethanol or methylated spirits only.

Caleido is well known for their fashionable radiators and this special collection by Karim Rashid

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (Stak) Fires Up Some Cool Ceiling Art

Artist Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (aka Olivier Stak) of France has an unusual way to add decor to the ceiling. And all it takes is a lighter, a ladder and a load of talent.

The following images of Olivier’s burnt ceiling art are from various gallery installations as well as private homes:

About the artist (his bio from his site):
Born in 1972, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine lives and works in Paris, France. In each of his interventions, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine plays with the codes and clichés of popular culture. He uses the languages and codes of the city and its suburbs, changing or modifying their original meaning so it can be understood by a broader public. His reflection is essentially based in rehabilitating the, often deconsidered, elements that belong to the city. His fascination for the suburbs has switched to a passion that is essential to his everyday work. The city is his muse, the drive for his artistic inspiration. He tries to decipher a discredited world through simple and ironic little mechanisms which he then transposes into galleries. By introducing the language of popular culture into the white cube, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses the suburb’s many clichés, plays with the truth and distorts the elements of pop culture. Olivier Kosta-Théfaine makes fun of himself … While others wear a tie and work on improving their table manners, he’s proud of being “38% chav” and claims it loud and clear. His work is more ironic than fundamentally serious. He asserts his pride of belonging to the concrete universe of suburbs, on the edge between glam and pop.

See his website and more work of his here.

Below is a video of an interview with the artist filmed at the Alice Gallery, Brussels.

You can read an interview with the artist and see some of his earlier works here.

In Case Of Fire, Break Tradition: Fierce Fire Extinguishers

Fire Design of France offers fire extinguishers that look as hot as the fires they are meant to put out. With three collections, plus design-your-own or commercial options, they are a refreshing change from the traditional red and white.

The Uni Collection:

Six fun brights:

Three muted sophisticated colors:

And, of course, black or white:

The Design Collection:


Cow and Camo:


Bubbles and Pixels:

New York and Stars:

Icons and Speed:

The Luxe Collection:

Metallic silver, copper and gold:

Or with the Speed and Icon designs:

The VIP (Branded) Options:
you can even have ones made with your logo or a company design, here are some examples:

You also have the option to create your own from their standard design motifs and their colors or metallics. A fun interactive design section on their site let’s you play:

Like so:

Here are three I just made:

Their site is in French only and although they do take Paypal and online orders, because different countries standards for fire extiguishers vary, I believe these are only sold in Europe.

In France they can be found at:

Cadeau Store
12, rue Mandar – 75002 Paris
Téléphone : 01 40 26 56 59

Boutique Fire
15, rue Dauphine – 75006 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 07 19 86