Designer Fire Extinguishers Make Great Housewarming Gifts.

designer fire extinguishers
More than 5 years ago, Rodolphe Gimenez started selling designer fire extinguishers on the French market and we blogged about them then. Now the small French brand has grown immensely, sells abroad and carries multiple lines with more than 400 models.

Designer Fire Extinguishers from Fire Design

A fire extinguisher is a great idea for a housewarming gift. Everyone needs one and those who have one could probably use a new one. And with these, you can find one to suit just abut any personality or environment.

The Vintage Auto fire extinguisher by Fire Design is embellished with tires

When they first launched, Fire Design of France began with colored, metallic, camouflage, floral and checked editions. They also offered the ability to create your own. Now the vast collection includes special limited editions, collaborations with artists such as Mark Wagner and Parischéri, brands such as Von Dutch and Pez, city editions, pictograms, travel poster versions, vintage industrial versions and even ones with magnets!

The Loft Jeans I and II limited edition fire extinguishers
The Loft Jeans I and II limited edition fire extinguishers are made in few numbers and repurpose Diesel and DKNY denim.

Each design Fire extinguishing unit has its own registration number and CE marking engraved on the tank that makes it unique. There are so many in so many styles available we are only sharing a few of our favorites with you.

new york amd fire fire design
New York and Fire Urban Line fire extinguishers
travel poster fire extiguishers
Travel Poster fire extinguishers
Extinguishers featuring the art of Mark Wagner
Extinguishers featuring the art of Elise Parischèri
NY fire extinguishers
New York fire extinguishers
design fire extinguishers
design fire extinguishers
Red Bull and Vodka extinguishers
Typographic design extinguishers
Von Dutch branded fire extinguishers
various bronze and gold extinguishers
Galaxy fire extinguishers
Vintage Music lovers extinguishers
fire extinguishers with magnets
These fire extinguishers have removable magnets!

Like we mentioned earlier, they have so many options, these are just a small example.
Ranging in price from $99 to $165 (the limited edition Jeans ones are $370 each).

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