Grace Chon Proves Even Dogs Can Have Good Hair Days

With her latest series photographer Grace Chon, the woman who captured our hearts with her images of rescue dog Zoey and her son Jasper, has done it again. Read more

Meet 10 Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You

dogs to follow on instagram
above: Theron Humphrey’s beautiful coonhound Maddie

Boo the Pomeranian was the first canine I know of to become an Internet sensation. With his tiny toy like looks and adorable haircut, he has over 17 million fans on his Facebook page. He’s the subject of four photo books and has 615k followers on Instagram. He even got a deal from Virgin America Inc to be its official “pet liaison.”

Boo has become ‘old news’ as more and more dogs have become celebrities via social media. Some warranted, some not so much. In a multi-part series, I’m going to introduce you to ten dogs, one at a time, who will tug at your heart and blow your mind with the fact that they have hundreds of thousands- in some cases millions- of followers on social media. Read more

Sophie Gamand’s Enchanting Pit Bulls. Get A Print or Adopt The Dog!

above: this beautiful 1 year old American Stafford Terrier Mix named Fancy is available for adoption here

It’s true, I’m a dog lover. Not a share-the-spoon-with-my-dog kind, but she does sleep in my bed and I do think of her as my furry child. That said, I was elated to come across these sweet images of dogs we usually see portrayed as ‘Cujo’ rather than as an angel. Hoping to dispel their negative reputation, photographer Sophie Gamand of chose to portray the dogs grouped under the name “Pit Bulls” in a manner opposed to the way the breed is commonly shown. Read more

Warp Dogs by Benjamin Grelle aka “The Frogman.”

Benjamin Grelle, who goes by the moniker ‘The Frogman’ on the internet, is the man behind Babies With Laser Eyes, a tumblr site that introduced him to many a viewer.

above: Benjamin Grelle, aka The Frogman, has a sense of humor, some photoshop skills and as he candidly admits on his site, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A large lovable looking bear of a guy with a penchant for dogs, his latest collection of photoshopped goodness is Warp Dogs. A collection of images of dogs hanging their heads out of car windows – jowls flapping, ears flying – whose backgrounds have been replaced with galaxies viewed at Warp Speed.

Simple and silly, if these images don’t make you crack a smile, you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

and an animated gif:

Check out more fun stuff from The Frogman here.

A Holistic Beverage Helps Homeless Dogs Find A Home: Kombucha Dog

You may have heard of Kombucha. It’s a fermented sweetened tea beverage said to be a powerful probiotic. Filled with antioxidants, it’s a low sugar, carbonated drink that originated centuries ago and controversially claims to ‘detoxify the body and energize the mind.’ Read more

Maddie The Coonhound Is Finally Bound And The Book Is Out.

Maddie On Things

I first introduced you to the talented balancing Coonhound named Maddie and her owner/photographer Theron Humphrey a ways back with 33 fabulous images.  In that post I said the photos were begging to be a book and knew it would not be long before Maddie was atop shelves in bookstores as well as atop various items and objects. Read more

A Talented Boston Terrier Balances 25 Days Of Christmas On His Head.

25 Days of Things on Turbo's Head

Director Dj Cosgrove and wife Amber originally hail from Columbus, Ohio and now live in Los Angeles along with their adorable and talented Boston Terrier, Turbo. Read more

Maddie the Coonhound. A Beautiful Dog On, In and Around Things Across America. 33 Photos!

Maddie The coonhound

Be prepared to be enchanted by Maddie The Coonhound, a super serious project about dogs and physics. Read more