Costa Rica’s Spectacular Indios Desnudos Home.

In the forested Papagayo peninsula of Costa Rica lies a modern home whose design integrates the internal space with the surrounding environment and its exterior views. The stunning swimming pool with its extended deck makes you feel as if you’re swimming and sitting in a private nature reserve. Read more

The INOUT House in Costa Rica by architect Joan Puigcorbé

It’s long, linear and lovely. The INOUT House in Costa Rica is a newly built modern home that brings the outdoors in by way of large glass horizontal panes that frame the structure, skyights and an atrium. Even the inviting L-shaped pool breaks the barrier between indoors and out. Read more

Anna Psalmond Helps Injured Animals of Costa Rica by Shooting Them.

Anna Psalmond photos of rescued animals

Anna Psalmond (now Anna Munanadar) is doing something to help injured, mistreated and abandoned animals of Costa Rica. She’s shooting them. When I say shooting, I mean photographing. Read more