The Controversy (and the Talent) Behind The Beautiful Farmer Commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks From The Super Bowl.

Farmer Commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks

One of the most memorable spots on yesterday’s Super Bowl – and one that has made it on most reviewers “Best Spots of the Super Bowl” lists – is also one which has been stirring up some controversy, at least amongst the ad community. Frankly, anyone outside of the advertising business could not care less, so I won’t be surprised if you’ve stopped reading this already. But back to the subject at hand. Read more

Equinox Defends Their Controversial Ad Campaign Shot By Terry Richardson.

Terry Richardson for Equinox

You may or many not have read the glut of recent articles highlighting the controversy over the “skinny” models in the latest ad campaign for Equinox Fitness Clubs shot by photographer Terry Richardson. According to Fashionista, HuffPo and plenty of other blogs, gym goers expressed disappointment in the ‘thin’ physiques displayed in the ads. Read more

Advertising Concept For Cartier Combines Luxury With Violence.

Advertising Concept For Cartier

In this advertising concept for Cartier, a simple photographic juxtaposition of fine jewelry items by Cartier with a ball and chain (which has the wonderful double entendre given that it’s a wedding band), a hand grenade, and explosives is a twist on the traditional and boring way that most fine jewelry items are presented in advertising and marketing. Read more