Paintings Of Mom by 33 Famous Artists For Mother’s Day.

artists' paintings of their mothers

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share one of my favorite original posts. Famous Artists Paint Their Mothers are thirty-three portraits of the female forebears of various respected and well-known painters. The portraits range from the 15th century to the present* – excluding paintings of The Madonna, arguably the most famous of all mothers. Read more

Artist Boyarde Messenger Hand Paints Charlotte Olympia’s Dolly Pumps As Famous Paintings For Neiman Marcus.


Designer Charlotte Olympia re-interprets her Dolly shoe by taking inspiration from the great painters of the Twentieth century for Neiman Marcus and Art Basel Miami. Charlotte Olympia hired British artist, photography and body art painter Boyarde Messenger to reinterpret the works of Pablo Picasso, Howard Hodgkin, Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and Piet Mondrian on her signature Dolly Pumps. Boyarde hand-painted 100 pairs for the Neiman Marcus Charlotte Olympia project. Read more

Little Owl Design’s Altered Perspective – Plates As Canvas

little owl design's altered perspectives

The mixed media collection, Little owl Designs’ Altered Perspectives is a mixed media collection that merges classic, traditional and Fauve fine art paintings with various types of Transferware dishes to result in unique art assemblages. Read more

Packing Foam Fashions Emulate 16th and 17th Dutch and Flemish Masters’ Paintings [UPDATED].

In this ongoing series of quietly elegant photographs by Suzanne Jongmans, she explores textures of both the past and present. Using the foam materials from packaging and insulation, she has fashioned them into the collars, shawls and clothes commonly seen in the 16th and 17th century Dutch, Flemish and French portraits by the likes of Golden Age and Dutch Renaissance painters Vermeer, Franz Hals, and Francois Clouet. Read more

Ron English Adds a Little Classic Rock to Some Classic Paintings

Pop Culture artist Ron English has long incorporated pop culture icons into paintings from well-known artists like Picasso, Manet and Warhol.

His “Secret History of KISS” continues the tradition by applying the famous face make up worn by Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss of the rock band KISS onto the faces of maidens and Madonnas in the well-known paintings of the Old Masters.

above: The Rock Band Kiss in full face make-up

These were exhibited as “The Secret History of Kiss” at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco:

Apples and Oranges:

Bountiful Gene:

Frehley With fruit:

Here Comes The Son:

Kiss Consultation:

King Gene:

Kiss Well:

Kissed By An Angel:

Lady In Waiting:

Peter and Paul:

The Great Paint Baptism:

Kiss The Bride:

Kiss The Bride (detail):

These lesser seen images, below, were on exhibit in 2007 at Basel Miami Beach, courtesy the Shooting Gallery:

Kiss Ace Lamb:

Kiss Monkey On My Back:

Miracle of The Milk Kiss:

The Kissening:

The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco

Ron English