People, Pets and Pop Culture Embroidered Portraits

danielle clough pop culture embroidery

When I first introduced you to fibre artist Danielle Clough it was to share with you her embroidered tennis racquets. Now take a look at her adeptly and colorful embroidered portraits of Pop culture icons, people and pets. Read more

Two Of My Faves, Bill Murray and Architectural Models – Together!

Bill Murray Brian Griffith Architectural Models exhibit

Artist Brian Griffith‘s art installation, Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity, combines nine architectural models with the imagined activities and pastimes of beloved actor Bill Murray. Read more

A Bill Murray Art Tribute. All Bill. Only Bill. The Murray Affair.


An upcoming art show at San Francisco’s Public Works will feature only art of Bill Murray. The tribute to the actor will display paintings, digital art, sculpture, drawings, photographs, just about any medium- as long as its of Bill. Read more