Environmentally Friendly Foosball With Flair. The 2Eleven Natural Is A Luxury Wooden Version of The Beautiful Game.

2Eleven Natural

The ‘2eleven natural‘ brings the table soccer (or foosball as it’s more commonly called in the U.S.) experience out of bars into the world of design hotels, luxury lofts and VIP lounges of modern soccer stadiums. Made in Germany and environmentally-friendly, the game table is crafted of maple and walnut woods and accented with fine leather and aluminum and can be outfitted with digital or analog monitor screens.

Playing Surface:
The playing surface has seamless lifted corners and side edges.

Hand Grips:
Elegant, ergonomically formed grips are a real pleasure to touch and the leather surfaces offer optimal hold and a perfect ball control:

The players, made of solid maple and walnut, underline the key concept of this premium table soccer. Their legs feature an intricate tread profile that provides the necessary grip for a fast-paced gaming experience.

Keep score with a fine aluminum-made counter.

Ball Lift:
The innovative aluminum-made “Ball Lift” can be activated after each goal scored. This feature catapults the ball into the middle of the playing field similar to slingshot of a pin-ball machine.

The main exterior part also includes four retractable wood and leather cup-holders to secure cold beverages:

The dynamic front boards with either an Analog or Digital display monitor give the table a distinctive appearance and offer the owner or sponsors the chance for exclusive presentations.

table football

According to the customer ́s desire, the players can be delivered with either chrome or lasered numbers (numbers 1 to 11) on maple and walnut wood.

The table will be delivered fully assembled to your doorstep. Please check the dimensions specified on page 13 and make sure that the desired location for your gaming table is accessible before you submit a binding purchase order. Special shipping requests can be arranged for upon request. Additional fees may apply.

PRICE: 2eleven natural, premium pure = 8900€

Optional Accessory Pricing:
• Analog display monitor, DIN-A4 = 450€
• 15″ digital display monitor = 580€
• Chrome finished numbers (1-11)= 250€
• Lasered numbers (1-11) = 290€
All prices incl. 19% VAT (for Germany), excl. packaging and shipping costs

The 2eleven Natural Premium Soccer Table can be purchased online here

Design studio: id Studioworks
Designer/ Creative Director: Michael Wanger
Designer: Franziska Wanger