The Magritte Surrealist Collection For Men and Women at Opening Ceremony.

The Magritte Surrealist Collection

For the past two months, there’s been some media buzz about the Surrealist capsule collection of ‘wearable art’ inspired by Rene Magritte for men and women from hip retailer Opening Ceremony set to launch in May. Now the apparel pieces are in and available for pre-order and I’ve got a look at all of them here for you. Read more

20 Pairs Of Witty Socks Give You A Leg Up On Attitude.

20 new wickedly fun pairs of cotton blended socks say what you probably can’t. Sarcastic and mostly bitter, the colored socks come in designs broken into 4 different general styles, with 5 styles in each category. Read more

Temporary Monograms: IMPRINT Letter-Pressed Textiles.

IMPRINT is a collaborative concept by Sebastian Herkner and Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau. As part of Passionswege 2013 during Vienna Design Week, German designer Sebastian Herkner found a more contemporary method of individualizing textiles and presented it in an installation: instead of needle and cotton, steam is used to stamp the initials on the fabric – which keep until the next wash.

project assistants: Robin Benito Schmid & Martin Hirth

photo at top of the post by Sam Dunne, courtesy of Core77.
all other images courtesy of Sebastian Herkner

Heineken Does Denim. Neighborhood Collaborates With The Brand For The Heineken100 Program.

heineken does denim

Heineken, the world’s most international brewer, debuts their exclusive denim collaboration with Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD for the #Heineken100 program, an exclusive seeding program that celebrates Heineken’s “Man of the World.” Read more

Bold and Bizarre In Black & White – The 2014 SS Collection from Japan’s ANREALAGE.

ANREALAGE 2014 Spring Summer Collection IIHIH

The newest collection from ANREALAGE just debuted at Tokyo Fashion Week. Read more

Geek Chic. Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings for Retro Gaming Fans.

Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings

I introduced you to Black Milk Clothing of Australia and their fabulous leggings and swimsuits a ways back. Now it’s time for their Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings! Read more

Add Some Body Hair To Your Wardrobe, Courtesy Of Nutty Tarts.

nutty tarts hairy underwear

I have written about beautifully hairy bodies before when I introduced you to several sexy hairy chests and a new book. Read more

Today’s WTF? Winkers: Handpainted Pants That "Wink"

I will try to refrain from personal opinion as I share the concept of patent-pending Winkers(TM) with you. Rapidly making the rounds on the internet due to a you tube video of the jeans in action (shown below), the company, based in Everett, Washington is hand-painting pants so that as one walks, the images painted on the b’thigh (you know, the place where your butt cheek meets your thigh?) actually ‘wink’.

They are pricey as well as hideous (oops, did I say I was going to refrain from personal opinion?) but certainly are imaginative.

It might help their marketing to feature a rear end that isn’t quite so… um, bloppy. Oh and some less cheesy music on the video. And yes, a decent typeface on the site. Okay, so much for refraining from personal opinion.

Below are the five designs for which they have pricing and are available by order. But they will also create custom or special designs.

above: Eyes ……………………. $159.00

above: Ducks ………………….. $169.00

above: Clap Boards ……….. $259.00

above: Owl………. $279.00

above: Lion in the Jungle………….$579.00

When it comes to ordering yourself a pair of Winkers, they ask you to take the following into consideration.

In their own words:
“To order a pair of Winkers a couple of things to take into consideration are what pants and will they “Wink”.

Jeans work the best for Winkers. Baggy jeans do not wink very well. Other types of pants work well also. But if the leg is to loose and hangs from the widest part of the buttocks the pants will not wink. Some dresses and lingerie will also wink. I do not have a satisfactory way to decorate lingerie though. Perhaps later. Taking all into consideration men’s pants will wink also. Many slacks and overalls do not wink very well though, because they are to (sic) loose.

When selecting a pair of pants to be decorated, select a pair that fit well and will show off your wink. Make sure they are clean. If they are new make sure they have been washed.”

Order them here.