You Won’t Believe These Are Made of Sugar, But They Are.

sugarcraft artist catalina anghel

These flowers made of sugar paste are so lifelike, you’ll be tempted to water them. Crafted by the multi-award winning cake decorator and sugarcraft artist Catalina Anghel of Spain, these edible flora are crafted by her own unique freeform method – made without templates or special cutting tools.

Sugarcraft Artist Catalina Anghel

flowers made of sugar
All of these flowers are handmade from sugar paste.

Catalina Anghel has always loved the world of creative confectionary and in the past few years it has become her passion and profession. What began as mere curiosity has turned into a self-professed addiction and her passion has become a necessity. “Without my flowers I do not know how to live” says Catalina.

Artist Catalina Anghel with her sugar crafted petunias
Artist Catalina Anghel with her sugar crafted petunias

A nature-lover, world traveler (she speaks six languages!) and avid reader, she teaches others her special craft at courses offered all over the world (book a spot in one of her upcoming classes here) and online.

Can you believe these aren’t real flowers?
sugarcraft peony

sugarcraft flowers

sugarcraft cake decorations

floral sugarcraft expert

Her work has been published in several prestigious specialty magazines: Dream Cakes, De Cakes, UNSA Magazine, Cake Central Magazine, Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine and Sugar Magazine India, to name but a few. And she’s won too many competitions and honors to list.

Hyrdrangea made of sugar

cake decorating

sugarcraft artist

Stunning on Wedding Cakes or alone in a vase, it’s hard to believe these roses, poppies, peonies, dahlias, lilies and orchids (her favorite) are not the real thing.

wedding cakes with sugar flowers

the art of sugarcraft

I’m lucky to have a job that I love. Teaching is what I like the most. I love seeing the expression of joy on the faces of the students when they manage to make delicate flowers with their own hands.- Catalina Anghel

floral sugar art

Flowers are not the only edible things Catalina crafts. She is more than adept at modeling figures, carving, creating unique textures, cake decorating and more. And, believe it or not, she’s also interested in medicine and hopes to finish her education and eventually practice!

Catalina Anghel Sugar Art

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