Stunning Print Advertising for the World Wildlife Fund by Contrapunto BBDO.

Contrapunto BBDO WWF Campaign
above: detail from World Wildlife Fund print ad, “Elephant”

Ads of the World, a fast growing site which features advertising from… yes, that’s right, all over the world, makes monthly picks for what they consider the best advertising in film (tv), print, ambient, outdoor, online and direct mail. This month it’s The Contrapunto BBDO WWF Campaign

Contrapunto BBDO WWF Campaign

Their choice for the Best Print work of November 2011 is this simple but visually stunning campaign for the World Wildlife Fund by Spain’s BBDO office, Contrapunto BBDO. Three spread ads featuring three different animals with the same headline. Same message. Same visual effect. Still beautifully compelling and well executed.

Contrapunto BBDO WWF Campaign
 WWF print Campaign

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Contrapunto BBDO WWF Campaign

The headline on all three reads “Desertification destroys 6,000 species every year.” By the way, since it’s not a commonly used term desertification means “The process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture.”

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Jorge, Félix Del Valle
Art Directors / Copywriters: Aurora Hidalgo, Raúl López
Account Manager: Paco Ribera
Producer: Javier Luján, Raúl López
Account Executives: Verónica Félez, Dalal Solaim