Hansa Latrava Water Faucet & Minacor Washbasin

Hansa Latrava Water Faucet & Minacor Washbasin

Designers Bruno Sacco and Reinhard Zetsche have added yet another beautiful water fitting design to the Hansa product line.

Hansa Latrava Water Faucet & Minacor Washbasin

The Latrava is a unique water faucet (or water fitting as it’s known in some other countries) that expels the water in a diagonal sheet and is operated by a sleek small panel at the base which uses light emitting diodes to show you the water temperature.

Hansa Latrava Faucet

the press release reads:
The asymmetry of HANSALATRAVA is no visual gimmick: it follows an internal logic which continues in the water jet. The mixer issues a strict command to the water to take a precisely constructed shape that has never been seen before: a diagonal sheet. This is welcomed by a washbasin which has been especially made for HANSALATRAVA.

Hanslatrava wash basin

Complementing its geometry, and made from innovative materials, the 90 cm wide MINACOR washbasin is the perfect counterpart to the mixer, both in its shape and its material.

Minacor Washbasin

HANSALATRAVA brings the Hansa philosophy of “Experiencing water” to a head: not only does the adapted form of the fitting represent a new archetype but also the design of the water which leaves the fitting in an innovative, precisely-designed diagonal laminar jet. The extremely fine and extensive water curtain is achieved with the aid of a specially-developed jet former and complex water guidance. It is not the water volume which achieves this spectacular effect so much as the route taken by the water, whereby consumption remains at a low level.

The HANSALATRAVA Faucet (fitting):
Hanslatrava faucet

HANSALATRAVA is operated via a small panel, which is integrated into the form and shows the configured water temperature using coloured light-emitting diodes:

Hanslatrava faucet temperature controls

The new faucet is a perfect compliment to the Hansa Minacor washbasin:

hanslatrava faucet and hansaminacor faucet


 Hanslatrava Minacor washbasin and Hanlatrava Faucet

 Hanslatrava Minacor washbasin and Hanlatrava Faucet

The designers:
Sacco and Zetsche

Bruno Sacco is a legend in automobile design. He gained his experience with the great “Carrozzeris” Ghia and Pininfarina before commencing work with Daimler-Benz in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart in 1958. After several appointments in diverse positions with Daimler-Benz, he became their Head Designer in 1975 and ultimately, in 1987, the Director of the Design Department. Following his retirement in 1999 he rejected numerous offers from various car manufacturers, deciding never to design automobiles again. Good for Hansa because in 2001 the company was able to secure him as a design consultant. This led to a collaboration with Reinhard Zetsche and to the earlier design successes Hansamurano (2003) and Hansacanyon (2005).