More Smile-Inducing Street Creatures by David Zinn

street creatures by david zinn

This is not the first time we’ve brought these adorable chalk street creatures by David Zinn to your attention. We first introduced you to these charming temporary drawings that inhabited towns of the midwest back in 2015 here.

Street Creatures by David Zinn

street creatures by david zinn

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The Michigan born, self-taught artist began creating these little drawings as a way to spend more time outdoors.

David Zinn at work

A self-proclaimed ‘habitual doodler’ he’s created a cast of characters that have now made appearances in cities coast to coast and include ‘regulars’ like the stalk-eyed Sluggo and Philomena, the winged pig.

Sluggo and Philomena are two regulars in David's menagerie of chalk creatures
Sluggo and Philomena are two regulars in David’s menagerie of chalk creatures

David’s approachable and adorable creatures interact with their surroundings turning gutters, curbsides, holes in walls, utility poles, handrails and the like into part of the narrative, delighting adults and children alike.

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David has an online store where you can purchase some prints, postcards and other goodies featuring his chalk drawings.

Seedling Brigade Gicleé, 8' x 10"
Seedling Brigade Gicleé, 8′ x 10″

He published his first book of chalk art, Temporary Preserves, by crowdfunding.  The 8.5″ x 11″ bound collection of full-color images with 133 photographs of his otherwise fleeting street art creatures was then followed by his second book, Underfoot Menagerie, in 2018.

David also has calendars and books for sale featuring his work, available to purchase here.

If you missed our first post on his work, it’s filled with more wonderful photos of his work here.