The 37 Street Artist Designed Bottles and 5 Wall Murals for WAH-TAAH! and Drink Up.

Wat-aah Artist Designed Bottles

WAT-AAH! Taking Back the Streets art campaign enlisted 37 various street artists to promote healthy hydration to kids and teens. As part of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up initiative, the artists created  works inspired by WAT-AAH! brand bottled water and Drink UP which are being exhibited in various cities, multiple WAT-AAH! wall murals and are selling a limited Collector’s Box of six of the bottles.

Wat-aah Artist Designed Bottles

Wat-aah Artist Bottles

As a partner of the PHA’s new effort to encourage everyone to drink more water, WAT-AAH! promoted the Drink Up message through their Taking Back the Streets art campaign, which launched in February of this year. The campaign kicked off in in New York City and brought the artist series on the road with the agenda of exhibiting in key cities all over the country beginning with Washington D.C. then moving to Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and more.

newmusechicago mural IIHIH

Since most people did not get a chance to see the bottles or the wall murals, I wanted to share them with you here. I’ve got ALL of the fabulous street art designs for the bottles – there are 37, with only 6 are being distributed in stores.

The WAT-AAH! Bottles
First ALL the fabulous WAT-AAH! Street Art Bottles (in alphabetical order):
aaron ginsberg bottleadam dare bottlealex blaise bottleaneikan udofia bottleche love bottlechristophe roberts bottledamien mitchell bottledamon johnson bottlefrancisco de pajaro bottlefumero bottlehaze water bottlehebru brantley bottleicy & sot bottlejerkface bottlejohn paul o'grodnick bottlekenny scharf water bottlekathryn lynch bottlelady aiko water bottles2lichiban bottlelina viktor bottlemarcus jahmal bottlemaya hayuk bottlement bottlepose bottleposh dog bottleposh dog bottle2robots will kill bottleshepard fairey bottlesliks bottlesmurfo bottlestephen palladino bottleswoon bottletechnodrome bottletony concep bottletrey speegle bottleurnew york bottlevesa bottle

The WAT_AAH! Wall Murals
WAT-AAH! Wall #1 Corner of Jersey St. and Lafayette, NYC. Metro Zu. WATAAAAAGHHHH!!!! 2014. 7’x15′:
metrozu wall new York

WAT-AAH! Wall #2. Corner of Prince St. & Lafayette, NYC. Kenny Scharf. Blobarina Drink Up. 2014. 52.5’x50′:
kenny scharf wall mural

WAT-AAH! Wall #3. Corner of N Racine & Lake St, Chicago. Pose. Drink Up. 2014. 75’x15′:
chicago wat-aah mural

WAT-AAH! Wall #4. Moonlight Studios, Chicago. Icy & Sot. Dreaming of Water. 2014. 20’x35′:
chicago wall mural two

WAT-AAH! Wall #5. 16th Street and Paulina Avenue, Chicago. Fumero. Keep Your Drink Up 2014. 30′ x 13′:
fumero wat-aah wall mural

The Collector’s Box of 6
WAT_AAH! Collectors box IIHIH
They still have the Collector’s Box edition available for $25 which consists of six 16.9 fl oz water bottles with mini reprints of artwork from 6 of the artists involved in the WAT-AAH! STREETS series. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up initiative. (no longer available)

The Limited Edition Bottles You Can Find In Retail Stores
wat-aah street series line up for stores

all images courtesy of WAT-AAH!

WAH-TAAH! Sadly, like so many interesting projects, WAH-TAAH! is no longer in business