Typographically Decked Out -The Black Book Collection of Playing Cards

BlackBookofCards hero 2-IIHIH

This beautiful deck of typographic playing cards celebrates the notion that, similar to the Zodiac, we each have a card assigned to us based on the date of our birth. The Black Book of Cards is a full deck of 54 where each card has a different distinct typographic design suggesting personality traits and characteristics.

based on our birth art IIHIH

The Black Book Of Cards – Vol. 1 is a deck of playing cards that is timeless, modern, and unique to each one of us. Each card is its own custom piece of artwork with a meticulous typographic design focusing on form, pattern and type.

black book of cards hero IIHIHTheBlackBookStoryOne IIHIHTheBlackBookStoryThree IIHIH

Printed by the United Sates Playing Card Company on premium Casino Quality Bee® card stock, the cards are enriched with a sophisticated back design representing a silk moiré book cloth. Each card is not only extremely unique but it’s the start a movement where each card is collectible, distinct to each one of us, and a piece of artwork in its own right.

Examples of some of the face cards and suits:
BlackBookofCardsJokers-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsKings-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsQueens-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsJackClubs1-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsFour& Nine Clubs-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsTwo & Five Spades-IIHIHBlackBookofCardsThree& Ten Hearts-IIHIHBlackBookofCards Diamonds four & Ace-IIHIH

The Black Book Collection comes encased in a lavish soft touch tuck box embossed with an intricate leather like texture to give the look and feeling of a leather bound book.

TwoBlackBookDecks-IIHIHWondering what card would be assigned to you?
On their site, you can input your date of birth and they will show you the beautiful playing card ‘assigned’ to you. Mine was the Two of Clubs/Quick-Witted (and I must confess, I wasn’t disappointed).
My playing card Black-Book-Two-of-Clubs IIHIH

In addition the the Black Book collection Volume I, you can purchase a “Design Package” based on the card assigned to you or any card of your liking, Notebooks, Art Prints, The Ultimate Collector’s Package. Birthday Cards are also available.

The Design Package:
Design package IIHIH
Includes one 9? x 12? Art Print, one 100 page hardcover notebook, and one Black Book deck. Your choice of card design for the notebook and art print – one card design selection for both. (if you would like two different designs – one for the notebook and a different card design for the art print – you can add these items to your card separately from the product page).
The hardcover notebook comes with a premium silk coating giving each notebook a high quality feel and a scratch resistant front and back cover. Your choice of lined inside pages or sketch paper. Art Prints are printed on a Premium 130# Linen Textured Cover Stock. Each print includes 1/2? border. *frame not included* Notebook Dimensions: 5? x 7“ | Art Print Dimensions: 9? x 12?

Big Black Notebooks:
BlackBookNoteBooks IIHIH
Premium Silk Finished Covers
Your choice of notebook cover design from the Black Book of Cards deck and your choice of lined inside pages OR sketch paper. 100 page Hardcover notebook with a premium silk coating giving each notebook a high quality feel and a scratch resistant front and back cover. Dimensions: 5” x 7”

Art Prints:
9? x 12? Art Print of any Black Book playing card design of your choice. Printed on a Premium 130# Linen Textured Cover Stock. Each print includes 1/2? border. Choice of Expanded Card Design for Face Cards & Jokers. *frame not included*

The Ultimate Collector’s Package:
Ultimate CollectorsPackage IIHIH
The Collector’s Package includes an Authentic Limited Edition Uncut press sheet (only 100 ever printed) of the entire 56 card Black Book deck pulled directly from the printing press at the United States Playing Card Company before getting cut into the individual playing cards – A Casino quality Bee® stock sheet with all 56 unique card fronts on one side and the back design on the other. Also includes two Black Book of Cards decks, two Art Prints of your choice of card design, and one signed, number & dated Limited Tuckbox Press Sheet (Only 45 printed). *Frame not included* Limited time offer until they are gone.
Uncut Sheet Approx. Dimensions: 22? x 26 5/16“ | Tuck Box Press Sheet Approx. Dimensions: 9.5? x 9.25? | Art Print Dimensions: 9? x 12?

The Birthday Cards make for the most unique of greetings. Send a Limited Edition Authentic Casino Quality Playing Card from the Black Book of Cards and leave a lasting impression:
bday card1 IIHIHbday card2 IIHIH

Also new and available for pre-order are The Black Book Manifesto
black manifesto decks IIHIH

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