More Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops: Jon Snow, Mark Zuckerberg & 80s Horror Icons.

Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops

Stoyn is a multidisciplinary firm with an emphasis on branding, industrial and product design. They received international food and design fame when they launched their Sculptural Ice Cream Project in May 0f 2011. Read more

7 Ice Cream Popsicles In Famous Forms &; Fabulous Flavors By Russian Ad Agency Stoyn.

Stoyn Pop Culture Popsicles

Russian ad agency Stoyn participated in a tasty project for Faces & Laces, as annual Moscow art and music show profiling brands from around the world. The agency created 7 different flavored pop culture popsicles made with Dolce Bacio ice cream molded into the shapes of well-known characters from Star Wars, Disney and other figures. Read more