Star Wars X MLB Mash-Up Logos by Mark Avery Kenny

Star Wars x MLB Logos hero IIHIH

Graphic Designer and Sports fanatic Mark Avery Kenny of AK 47 Studios, best known for his Simpsonized NHL logos, now has now combined Star Wars characters with Major League Baseball logos.

Star Wars x MLB Logos

Below are some of my personal favorites from his Star Wars x MLB Logos.

Detroit Jabba the Hutts:
Detroit Jabba the Hutts IIHIH
Chicago Ewoks:
Chicago Ewoks IIHIH
The South Side Stormtrooper Sox:
MLB x StarWars series
Han Solo Rangers:
MLB x StarWars
Cincinnati Darth Maul Reds:
Cincinnati Darth Maul Reds IIHIH
The Washington Rancors:
Star Wars x MLB Logos
The Empire Strikes Back:
MLB x StarWars series - The Empire Strikes Back IIHIH
Miami Admiral Ackbars:
Miami Admiral Ackbars IIHIH
Princess Leia Royals:
MLB x StarWars series - Princess Leia Royals IIHIH
Baltimore ObiWanKenobis:
MLB x StarWars series - Baltimore ObiWanKenobis IIHIH
Degobah System Athletics:
MLB x StarWars series - Degobah System Athletics IIHIH
SF Wookiee Giants:
Star Wars x MLB Logos
The Los Angeles Amidala Angels:
MLB x StarWars series - The Los Angeles Amidala Angels IIHIH
Toronto R2-D2s:
MLB x StarWars series - Toronto R2-D2s IIHIH
The LA Emperor Dodgers:
MLB x StarWars series The LA Emperor Dodgers IIHIH

To see them all follow Mark Avery Kenny on Instagram at @ak47_studios

A special thanks to Martin Koenigsberg for bringing these to my attention!