The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle That Will Rock Your World: Memobottle

The A5 Memobottle

It’s hard to believe no one has thought of this before. An environmentally-friendly, re-usable water bottle that is NOT cylindrical, but instead is a slim, flat shape that will smartly tuck right into your laptop bag, messenger bag, luggage, etc.

The A5 Memobottle

the a5 memobottle

A creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, California, the Memobottle was funded on kickstarter and is now selling the first of the products, the A5 Memobottle, online.

pet rectangular water bittle

The co-founders of Memobottle, Australians Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, were inspired by two issues.

Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, co-founders of memobottle
Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, co-founders of memobottle

Firstly, as environmentally-aware outdoor enthusiasts, they were concerned about the environment and the negative impact single-use bottle consumption has upon the planet. Secondly, as students who attended lots of school, they experienced constant frustrations with the inability to fit water bottles in carry/laptop bags.

flat water bottle

The Memobottle solves all that. Made from a durable, BPA-free plastic, it’s a long life re-usable bottle that is both freezer and dishwasher safe. It holds as much as a standard bottle (750ml), but it’s only 3cm wide and 30mm thick. And, it can stand upright on it’s own. The Memobottle comes in recycled and gift-friendly packaging with two different caps (one black and one white).

Holds as much as a typical water bottle:
Only 30mm wide:


Recycled Packaging:

“Somewhere along the line, society became fixated on designing cylindrical shaped bottles, from this car drink holders and bottle accessories followed suit. Rather than making a product that conforms to the status quo, we decided to flip the equation and create something that is easy to transport but still holds the functional aspects of traditional bottles”, says Leeworthy.

A5 memobottle

On Kickstarter they featured three different sizes of the Memobottle as well as leather and wool sleeves for it:

So far, they have mass produced only the A5 (the most logical size) and are selling them for $25 each.

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