Snoop Dogg’s Pounds : Five Premium Glass Bongs

snoop dogg pipes and bongs

The Doggfather, your favorite pot-smoking, Martha Stewart-loving, artist, entertainer and businessman adds to his already beautifully packaged product line Leafs by Snoop with Pounds, a premium line of borosilicate glass pipes and smoking accessories.

Snoop Dogg Smoking Accessories

Snoop Dogg Smoking Accessories

Conceived of in outer space and designed for California Snoop Dogg Pounds Smoking Accessories includes five borosilicate glass pipes or bongs, each available in various colorways, to bring a unique style and aesthetic to your smoking experience. With colors and design inspired by the beauty of outer space and planet earth, Snoop Pounds water pipes will take you to another level of elevation.

snoop pounds

snoop with his bongs

glass bong

This ultra premium 12.6” piece is hand-blown, and made with the highest quality borosilicate glass. With triple-stacked honeycomb and turbine percolators, it’s guaranteed to give you the most intergalactic smoking experience on the planet.

The Battleship comes stacked with accessories, including a quartz bucket, dome and nail, glass POUNDS tool, and a herb bowl for dual dry herb and extract use.

mothership snoop dogg water pipe

This 13.4” water pipe is a hand-blown work of art. Mounted on a thick POUNDS launch-pad base, it features dual dome and barrel percolators guaranteeing the thickest clouds in space. To be used with dry herbs.

rocketship bong

This 11.4” gleaming herb water pipe is designed with a thick POUNDS launch-pad base and ice catcher. This beautiful straight tube is hand-blown, and made with the highest quality borosilicate glass. It comes equipped with a downstem diffuser for the ultimate turbulence-free journey.

snoop pounds

This 6” water pipe is hand-blown, and made with the highest quality borosilicate glass. Mounted on a thick POUNDS launch-pad base, the Spaceship is designed with an inline ruffle percolator and ergonomic curved mouthpiece.

snoop pounds starship

This agile 6” water pipe is hand-blown and comes with a quartz banger and herb bowl, for dual herb and extract use. For on-the-go travel to the stars and beyond, nothing else compares!

It comes stacked with accessories, including a quartz bucket, bubble dome and nail, and a glass POUNDS tool. This is a must-have for the extract connoisseur.

About the company:
Famous Brandz, the leading manufacturer of unique functional smoking accessories for celebrities and brands in the entertainment space, is proud to launch their SNOOP POUNDS line of water pipes in partnership with Snoop Dogg.

snoop dogg water pipes

Famous Brandz launched in 2016, sweeping into the smoking accessories world with their Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke line of glassware and products, and a specialty line of Silicone pieces done with The Trailer Park Boys. A collaborative effort between multiple personalities with combined experience in the smoking products and Hollywood space, Famous Brandz’s vision has been to bring powerful brands to the growing pipe and accessories market.

The launch of SNOOP POUNDS is a huge point of pride for the Famous Brandz team, and the products have been in design and production for well over a year. The premium pieces are made with the highest quality borosilicate glass, with functionality that’s designed for the discerning smoker, and a brand that’s accessible to experienced and curious consumers alike.

With new products planned for 2017 and beyond, SNOOP POUNDS is here to make a bold statement about design, aesthetic, and functionality in the industry.

“Medicate, Elevate, and Put It In The Air!”

Snoop Pounds

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