Sneakerknobs. Door Handles Shaped Like Nike Air Max Kicks By Metrofarm.

Metrofarm Sneakerknobs

The Metrofarm Sneakerknobs Door Handles are Nike Air Max sneakers cast in aluminum or bronze that functions as a door handle and made in Berlin.

Metrofarm Sneakerknobs Door Handles

nike air max cast as door handle

Metrofarm Sneakerknobs Door Handles

Created for such hip shoe stores as Overkill in Berlin, The Good Will Out in Cologne and most recently, the new Paar sneaker boutique in Vienna, the doorknobs make opening the door a real kick.

For Paar:
sneakerknobs door handles

door handles shaped like sneakers

At Overkill:

The Good Will Out in Cologne features a bronze Sneakerknob:
bronze cast sneakerknob

About Metrofarm

Founded in 2001 by Julia Böttcher and Jan ‘Nunu’ Müller, Berlin-based Metrofarm’s expertise lies in design & manufacture, from the pre-conceptual stage to finished products & installation.

Their versatile and fully integrated skill-set enables them to successfully initiate and control multi-faceted international assignments, combining graphics, packaging & promotional materials, garments, artefacts, lighting, exhibitions & events, retail/showroom/gallery interiors and product displays, fittings & furniture.

Their willingness to continuously experiment and improvise innovative techniques results in unique & original solutions for clients Nike, Absolut, Smart, ZDF, Allianz, Bang & Olufsen, Zeiss, Royal Copenhagen, Fritz Hansen, Georg Jensen, Louis Poulsen, De:bug, Dummy, Die Welt, etc.

Metrofarm constantly develop their collections of furniture and products as well as designing individual pieces for private clients.

Learn more about the Sneakerknob by Berlin-based Metrofarm at their site.


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