Gun-Shaped Doorknobs Function Like A Real Pistol: Pulling The Trigger Unlocks The Door.

the bang bang handle IIHIH

These creative door handles/hardware, designed by Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev of Napalm Design, look and function like a real gun. The Bang Bang handle was inspired by the Makarov Pistol.*  You have to “pull the trigger” to open/unlock the door. Read more

Light Emitting Doors for Your Home by Marisa Richter Turn Utility into Design.

Doors & Style is a young label from Cologne headed up by designer Marisa Richter. They focus on designing unique stylistic doors as their work. Rather than looking at a door as something to open or close, they look at ‘connecting’ two rooms as their focus.

With minimal modifications of a typical door, Doors & Style adds new functionality to the ordinary door and transforms it from a piece of utility to a piece of design.

The Full-size Scape Door:

Full-size Scape Door connects two rooms without limiting the actual function. Depending on the time of day the door senses whether a light source has, or has not, been turned on in another room.The monotony of an ordinary door is replaced by the incisions in the customized door. You can admittedly not recognize what is concealed behind the door, but the imaginative images trigger positive emotions for that which lies behind. The door is made of solid wood in RAL 9016 with cut out decorative images and double-sided laminated foils. It is suitable for an interior space and available as flush edge or with an angular frame. On request they can also deliver the door frame.

At the moment two different designs are available (Birdie’s and Forest) but they are also able to manufacture your own design or integrate your corporate logo. Depending on the number of units and after clarification of all details, delivery time is between six and eight weeks. They reserve the right to make technical modifications, namely alterations, to the design template.

Fittings (exclusive door handle) are supplied and incorporated in the price.

The Down-Scape Door:

If light falls onto the Scape Door from behind a totally unique interplay of light and shadow appears on the floor. With a small alteration the ordinary door acquires a greater prominence. It is more than an opener: a piece of jewelry as well as a source of light.

The filigreed door slot creates better ventilation and can be used as a substitute for doors that have a ventilation grille – for example bathrooms – or for ‘Passive’ houses. The down Scape Door is available in RAL 9016 colours and special colours are available on request.

With this door you create a landscape in a dark room. It’s an interior wooden door with a chipboard core and is available as a door with flushed edge or with an angular frame.

At present there are two different designs available (Landscape and Skyscape) but they are also able to manufacture your design or to incorporate a logo. Depending on the number of units and after clarification of all details, delivery time is between six and eight weeks. They reserve the right to make technical modifications, namely alterations, to the design template. Fittings are supplied and incorporated in the price. They can also deliver the door frame on request.

“There are many things in our daily life we never think about. But in some special moments we recognize things which are around us.”- Maris Richter

Doors & Style
Creative Director Marisa Richter
+49 173 521 42 96
+49 180 355 185 07 49

Sneakerknobs. Door Handles Shaped Like Nike Air Max Kicks By Metrofarm.

The Sneakerknob by Berlin-based Metrofarm is a Nike Air Max sneaker cast in aluminum or bronze that functions as a door handle.

Created for such hip shoe stores as Overkill in Berlin, The Good Will Out in Cologne and most recently, the new Paar sneaker boutique in Vienna, the doorknobs make opening the door a real kick.

For Paar:

At Overkill:

The Good Will Out in Cologne features a bronze Sneakerknob:

About Metrofarm

Founded in 2001 by Julia Böttcher and Jan ‘Nunu’ Müller, Berlin-based Metrofarm’s expertise lies in design & manufacture, from the pre-conceptual stage to finished products & installation.

Their versatile and fully integrated skill-set enables them to successfully initiate and control multi-faceted international assignments, combining graphics, packaging & promotional materials, garments, artefacts, lighting, exhibitions & events, retail/showroom/gallery interiors and product displays, fittings & furniture.

Their willingness to continuously experiment and improvise innovative techniques results in unique & original solutions for clients Nike, Absolut, Smart, ZDF, Allianz, Bang & Olufsen, Zeiss, Royal Copenhagen, Fritz Hansen, Georg Jensen, Louis Poulsen, De:bug, Dummy, Die Welt, etc.

Metrofarm constantly develop their collections of furniture and products as well as designing individual pieces for private clients.

10969 BERLIN

TEL.: +49 30 23457753
FAX.: +49 30 23457755

Minjjoo’s Small Door For A Big World.

The minjjoo children’s door is an interior door with an integrated small door. All three parts of the door – door leaf with built-in small door, doorframe and handle set (one for the small, one for the big door) – are available separately.

The minjjoo children’s door makes the little ones feel big. Via the small door children have access to their own room and their personal world…

This door can even be be painted upon. They have a waterproof white chalkboard-coating that can be drawn on or written on with chalks or water soluble markers which can easily be wiped off again with a wet cloth.

Suited for kids older than one and a half years, it’s available in two sizes, each in versions opening either to the right or to the left.

You can order either only the door leaf or the leaf including frame and handles.

The door can simply be attached to an existing doorframe. You can also order a corresponding doorframe along with the door.

For installation of the door frame additional materials are required, which they do not provide. If in doubt, you should enquire with a professional.

Order the minjjoo door here.

Creative Architectural Ironmongery By Philip Watts Design

phillip WattsDesign

If you’re a design-centric real estate owner, you probably have gone out of your mind looking for the perfect hardware and fixture compliments to a modern home or office. I know that I searched high and low for a well made and cool-looking kickplate for my front door and had no luck. But that’s because I didn’t know about Philip Watts Design and their “creative architectural ironmongery”. Now I do, and so will you. Read more

Getting A Handle On Design With Valli & Valli and FSB. Door Handles By Famous Architects and Designers.

Door Handles By Famous Architects and Designers

Changing something as simple as a doorknob or lever can really add some style to your home. Valli & Valli and FSB have an incredible selection of functional hardware by several of the best-known names in design and architecture. Read more