A Beatles-Inspired Tribute To Those We Lost in 2016 (Updated Version)

Sgt Pepper Album Cover Tribute

A recreation of the iconic 1967 Beatles album cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band that replaces the original subjects of the collage with people we lost in 2016 has been making the rounds on the internet. The photo-shopped image, which has been updated to include deaths as recent as Dec. 12th, features over 40 artists, musicians, athletes and other celebrities who passed away this year.

Sgt Pepper Album Cover Tribute 2016

It was a year of many great losses for everyone on the planet. From heroes such as Muhammad Ali and John Glenn to musicians Prince and Leonard Cohen, many a legend has left us. Chris actually updated the image a few times, the last update to include his favorite weatherman, Ian McCaskill, who just passed away on December 12th. Even Walnut the Whippet (misidentified in the key as a Greyhound) made the cover.

Sgt Pepper Album Cover Tribute
The image includes the recent Dec 12 losses of Walnut the Whippet and Weatherman Ian McCaskill

In addition to the deceased personalities, the image hilariously points out other losses such as Toblerone’s new chocolate bar shape, Brexit,  America’s President Elect Trump, India’s 1000 rupee note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7  and even the Leicester City Football Club.

Created by Twitter user ‘Christhebarker‘ the image quickly went viral. Then, Twitter user Barbarossa69 took it upon himself to create a useful key to the image:
key: Sgt Pepper Album Cover Tribute

Sgt Pepper Album Cover Tribute list

I wonder what Christhebarker has up his sleeve for 2017? This is a hard one to top.

May they all Rest In Peace.