USPS Releases First Scratch and Sniff Postage Stamps!

So what if hardly anyone uses snail mail anymore? That doesn’t keep the United States Postal service from introducing fun and innovative stamps like the interactive Solar Eclipse Stamps they introduced last year. Now, for the first time ever, they will be issuing Scratch and Sniff stamps!

Scratch and Sniff Postage Stamps

Art Directed by Antonio Alcalá, who also art directed the Solar Eclipse stamps, the U.S. Postal Service’s first scratch-and-sniff stamps will add the sweet scent of summer to letters of love, friendship, party invitations and other mailings when the Postal Service introduces the Frozen Treats Forever stamps on June 20 in Austin, TX.

Scratch and Sniff Postage Stamps
The 10 Scratch and Sniff Frozen Treat Forever Stamps

The watercolor illustrations of the ice pops (or popsicles) are by the talented Margaret Berg who goes as @Magrikie on the internet and throughout social media.  Born in South Africa and presently living and working in Santa Monica, the stamps are the perfect platform for Margaret’s whimsical illustration style. Her ice pops can also be found on some adorable products for Galison, such as these sticky notes.

Margaret Berg's Summer Popsicles
Margaret Berg’s Summer Popsicles
Watercolor summer popsicles by Margaret Berg
Watercolor summer popsicles by Margaret Berg

Each of the 10 stamp designs include two different treats. The words “FOREVER” and “USA” appear along the bottom of every stamp.

scratch and sniff stamps

The stamps can be pre-ordered at this link soon for delivery shortly after the June 20 issuance.

The first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony, free and open to the public, will take place at 6 p.m. CDT at Austin’s Thinkery Children’s Museum. Followers of the U.S. Postal Service’s Facebook page can view the ceremony live at Share the news using the hashtag #FrozenTreatsStamps.

Ice pops are made by large manufacturers, home cooks and artisanal shops. In recent years, frozen treats containing fresh fruit such as kiwi, watermelon, blueberries, oranges and strawberries have become more common. In addition, flavors such as chocolate, root beer and cola are also popular. Some frozen treats even have two sticks, making them perfect for sharing.

This booklet of 20 stamps showcases the work of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, CA, depicting whimsical watercolor illustrations of frozen treats. Each of the 10 stamp designs includes two different treats. The words “FOREVER” and “USA” appear along the bottom of each stamp.

Frozen Treats Margaret Berg stamps

Art director Antonio Alcalá of Alexandria, VA, designed the stamps with Leslie Badani of Alexandria, VA. Designer Antonio Alcalá also runs Studio A in Virginia in addition to being the Art Director for the USPS and the talent behind several great postage stamp designs.

Frozen Treats is being issued as First-Class Mail Forever stamps which will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price.

scratch and sniff stamps

Available June 20th, you can pre-order The Frozen Treat Scratch and Sniff Stamps here