New RugXStyle Area Rugs from Object Carpet

After the success of FREESTILE carpet tiles from Germany’s Object Carpet, they have just released RugXStyle, a new collection of area rugs that combine durability, design, style and eco-friendliness. The 6 characteristic patterns are available in two different brilliant color shades that utilize a new digital print process.

RugXStyle Area Rugs

Designed by Kathrin and Mark Patel of Patel Design for Object Carpet, the RugXStyle carpets have an extremely tough and durable surface but a soft look. The industrial strength carpets have some serious style – a hard thing to find.

Designers Kathrin and Mark Patel

Available in round or rectangular shapes, the innovative carpets are fire-resistant, slip-resistant, sound-absorbing, 100% free from PVC and bitumen, virtually odorless, low on emissions, certified and recyclable.

Great for commercial use as well as residential, the six patterns are modern versions of classic rug designs, florals and patterns.

A single rug works as a centerpiece in a smaller room or use multiple rugs for zones in larger spaces.

The 6 Available Designs







An Overview of Characteristics:
• Free of PVC and bitumen
• Suitable for people with allergies (TÜV tested and certified)
• Reduces particulate matter (GUI Certificate)
• Low in emissions (tested and certified by DIBT)
• Low in odours (GUT tested and certified)
• Backing improves room acoustics and reduces footfall sounds
• Fibrous material manufactured from 100 % PET (100 % recyclable)
• Newly developed digital printing without use of water and drying processes
• Low-maintenance
• Surefootedness and high walking comfort
• Suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings

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