Quelle Fête! Melting Disco Balls by ROTGANZEN

melting disco balls

Quelle Fête is a series objet d’arts created by design firm ROTGANZEN that can be seen in public venues as an art installation, as part of a collaborative furniture collection and are sold separately for home decoration on a smaller scale.

ROTGANZEN Melting Disco Balls

The object represents a playful image of days gone by and a melancholic reminder of the glamour nights of disco. The amorphous shapes are covered, through painstaking craftsmanship, with a carefully arranged glittering skin of mirrored glass tiles. The once iconic shape of the disco ball is reborn with new character and meaning in an ode to the happy days of way back when.

ROTGANZEN Melting Disco Balls

The fun handmade objets d’art add design panache to the exterior and interior of restaurants and stores and are also a component in a collaborative collection of furniture designs (shown later in this post). The Rotganzen design collective also produced Mini Quelle Fait I and for individual sale.

rotganzen large disco ball

polishing the Quelle Fete after attaching the mirrored tiles by hand.

Commissioned by various restaurants, bars and stores, the melting disco balls look great in situ. Below are some examples

QUELLE FÊTE X VitraHaus, 2020
Commissioned by Vitra, Weil am Rhein
ROTGANZEN quelle fete in situ

quelle fete for vitra

QUELLE FÊTE X Le Pristine Restaurant, 2020
Commissioned by Le Pristine, Antwerp / Sergio Herman
quelle fete le pristine antwerp

rotganzen installation at Le Pristine

rotganzen installation at Le Pristine

quelle fete le pristine antwerp

Shown at the Veuve Clicquot pop-up bar, London
rotganzen melting disco ball installtion

QUELLE FÊTE X The Ministry, 2019
Commissioned by The Ministry of Sound, London
ministry of sound melting disco ball

Locations: London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo
Commissioned by Inditex / Zara
melting disco balls in Zara

Zara window displays rotganzen

The collective has made limited editions of his Quelle Fête Mini (€999,00) and Quelle Fête Mini II (€499,00) but we are very sad to report that both are totally sold out.

quelle fete mini I in situ

Quelle Fete Mini 1

quelle fete mini II rotganzen IIHIH

The organic melting disco ball has not only made an appearance as an art installation at various venues, but also in the collaboration with furniture brand Gufram as a component in their DiscoGufram collection of After Party cabinet series.

After Party Cabinet Series by Gufram
Gufram After Party cabinet
DisGufram After Party series

Visit Gufram for more information

Photography for ROTGANZEN: Pim Top

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