collections and pieces of furniture by various designers

A Swinging Outdoor Lounge For Two With Canopy

hollywood swing duo by stilum

Summer’s upon us. Take a look at your current outdoor furniture. It looks pretty good, right? It’ll last another summer easy. But then take a look this swinging outdoor lounge for two with a canopy. All of a sudden, you could really use some new outdoor furniture, right? (more…)

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Handmade Crochet Swings by IOTA

handmade crochet swings by iota

While most of us still associate the technique of crochet and macrame with toilet paper covers made at summer camp or Afghans made by grandma, this all female run brand has managed to make crocheted interior decorations and accessories into chic and sophisticated looking products, our favorite of which are their handmade Crochet Swings. Not only for how they look, but also because of the company behind them and how they are made. (more…)

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Narrative Chairs by Kranen/Gille

Narrative chairs by kranen/gille

After their first presentation of “The Von Trapp Dining Room,” a series of products inspired by Tiroler volkskunstas (popular Austrian Art), Gallery Priveekollektie invited Dutch designers Kranen/Gille to make a series of chairs based on the “Forest” dining chair that was included in the project. (more…)

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