I Can Come Back As A Tree from Old Coffee Grounds? PERFECT.

ROOTS Ecological Tree Urn

I have yet to decide what I want done with my body upon death. In-ground burial? Mausoleum? Cremation and spread my ashes over a Jewish Deli? There is the option to turn my ashes into a vinyl record or a piece of glass art. Even an oil painting or a diamond pendant. But when it comes to posthumous possibilities, I believe that ROOTS, an ecological, biodegradeable urn made of coffee grounds that becomes a tree, has my name on it.

ROOTS Ecological Tree Urn

ROOTS Ecological Tree Urn

I am a java junkie and a treehugger so the thought of my spending eternity as a tree which grew from coffee grounds seems like – dare I say it- Heaven on Earth. When I came across ROOTS, I was immediately drawn to the ecological and symbolic ritual aimed at perpetuating life. ROOTS is made from recycled coffee grounds and other entirely natural materials (dolomite lime and natural clay) and it’s certified as a green funeral product by the Green Burial Council.

The use of post-consumer coffee grounds honors the sustainable development values and their re-utilization as a bio material is highly symbolic of the cycle of life. The tree later becomes a place for recollection where memories are rooted. And think about it, ROOTS could turn cemeteries into a forest.

How does it work?

The lower part is made of post-consumer coffee grounds and dolomite lime. It will contain the ashes and will completely biodegrade in 2 weeks. The upper part becomes a landmark for the tree and a tribute plaque for the loved one.

It is made of 100% natural clay and will decompose completely over time. The bio material, made of recycled coffee grounds and lime, was developed to balance the high pH level of the ashes.

Their proven and highly effective planting system allows for the planting of the tree indoors in order to maximize its germination and growth. This ensures that you have the possibility of starting the planting process regardless of the season and time of death. When you receive your ROOTS urn or after the tribute ceremony, you take out the planting system that is included in the urn and you get the germinating process under way at home. After a couple of months, when the tree is big enough, one can choose the appropriate moment to bury the urn and the tree in the ground.

What kind of Tree?
Each ROOTS urn contains 3 complimentary different species of trees (Canada and USA only – ROOTS WITHOUT SEED is available for other countries):
– Catalpa Speciosa (Deciduous)
– Black Locust (Deciduous)
– Scots Pine (Evergreen)

You can also use seeds of your choice, a seedling or a mature tree. Just ask your local nursery for a species that suits your environment and climate.

*Only germination is guaranteed. Certain conditions apply.

ROOTS can also be used in different ways.
While it is highly recommended to start growing the tree indoors, the ROOTS urn can:
– Be planted directly into the earth with the planting system provided
– Be used with a seed or your choice, a seedling or a mature tree (not included)
– Be purchased as an ecological urn for those who do not wish to grow a tree
– Be buried separately from the tree (you can bury the urn in the cemetery and plant the tree in another location that is significant to you).

ROOTS is also available for your companion.
CREMATED ANIMAL: ROOTS FOR PET is suitable for the ashes of any animal (up to 2 litres of ashes).
NON-CREMATED ANIMAL: ROOTS FOR PET can also be used to bury any deceased small animal (bird, rodent, small reptile, fish, etc.). The lower part of the urn measures 6x6x6 inches.

Award-winning Design
ROOTS was created with a strong preoccupation for esthetics, in order to pay tribute in a beautiful way. Through a sober and refined design, it celebrates life with grace. ROOTS is a prizewinner of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN 2018 and a nominee for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019.

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all images and information courtesy of ROOTS Tree Urn

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