The ROK Manual Espresso Maker Is A Beautiful Way To Wake Up.

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Pull the perfect shot of espresso with this exquisite hand-powered machine made of engine grade metal and designed to be as beautiful as it is functional. No electricity, no buttons, just freshly ground beans, freshly boiled water, and a steaming hot cup of the good stuff. And now the ROK comes in Copper, Black and Red as well as the original.

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The Rok was actually born as the Presso in 2004. In 2012, it was renamed the ROK. Since its introduction, it has been retooled and has received several awards including the winner of the “Most Innovative Product” at the 2013 London Coffee Festival. This manual espresso maker is crafted from engine grade metal and now comes in Copper, Berry (Red) and Black in addition to the original. With its new alloy mix, reinforced plunger and more metal where it matters, the ROK now comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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There is no lock-in to expensive pods – you choose the coffee. Based on two espressos a day you could save over $452.00 a year compared to buying Nespresso capsules – and there’s no trash to ruin the environment. Plus the ROK itself uses no electricity. Just add hot water and enjoy the hands on experience.

Allow some time to master the ROK. It’s not got a manufacturer’s preset button – you are the settings. There are so many variables to a perfect espresso from the freshness and fineness of the grind to maintaining temperature of the water. The ROK is like the finest pen in the world, but it relies on you being able to write! Experiment. Some people get crema right out of the box. Some don’t. Once mastered you will be truly amazed at the results you can achieve.

ROK espresso maker

The Rok includes everything you need to wake up on the caffeinated side of the bed. It’s the perfect tool for the caffeine addicts in your house.

Product Details:
— No Electricity Needed
— 10 Year Warranty

ROK components IIHIH

— ROK Espresso Maker
— ROK Milk Frother
— Measuring Spoon
— Detachable Double-Shot Spout
– The base has four rubber, slip-resistant legs to protect your counter top and prevent the espresso maker from sliding.

Colors: Chrome, Chrome & Copper, Chrome & Black, Chrome & Berry
Materials: Metal Alloy
Measurements: 10.6″L x 7.9″W x 12.2″H

ROK in Classic Aluminum IIHIH

ROK in copper and chrome

ROK in berry IIHIH
Rok in black
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