The Rock n’ Lounge For Indoors or Out by Different and Different

The Rock’n Lounge combines a lounge chair with a rocking chair in two different versions. Both chairs were fully designed and crafted in France by Different and Different, a brand that specializes in premium contemporary furniture.

The Indoor Rock’n Lounge

The Rock n' Lounge

The Rock’n Lounge was first designed as a piece of indoor furniture and comes in a limited edition of 10 pieces. With tailor made screws that feature the company’s logo, the indoor version is shown here with a Suedine finish (both smooth and ribbed) and highly reflective polished stainless steel. Other finishes are also available.

rockinounge indoor 1 IIHIH

rock n lounge black detail IIHIH

rockinounge indoor 2 IIHIH

rock n lounge black suedine outside IIHIH

rock n lounge black outside IIHIH
Dimensions: L 152 cm x W 65 cm x H 93 cm
Weight: 30kg

The Outdoor Rock’n Lounge
Now available for the outdoors in a very different version than the original. Crafted of Massaranduba, a hardwood native to South America made from trees grown in sustainably managed forests and riveted onto machined aluminum. This chair is also available in painted aluminum or Corten steel.

rock n lounge wood hero IIHIH

rock n lounge wood IIHIH

rock n lounge wood detail IIHIH
Dimensions:L 152 cm x W 56 cm x H 93 cm
weight : 30kg

Prices available upon request.

About The Company:
different and different logo

Founded in 2011 by Adrien Camp and Cyril Jouve, Different and Different is a premium furniture design company, distinguished by their quality, originality and environmental friendly. Manufactured entirely in France, Different and Different products are sold in limited editions, signed and numbered. Each piece is a unique with a story of its own.